About Us


Hi, I am Joost Nusselder, and founded Tools Doctor out of a mixture of passion and frustration.​

I love tools and appliances but hated the information available on a lot of these. That’s why I decided to start toolsdoctor and now with my team of writers we produce helpful content on the site since 2016.

These questions range from how-to (e.g. how do you strip an electrical wire), to appliance operations (e.g. how do diesel generators work), and advice on product choice (e.g. what is the best garage door lubricant?).

How do we earn money?

When you like a recommendation we made from one of our blog posts and click on a link to read more about it on the vendors‘ site and then end up buying the item, we earn a small percentage of that purchase as a referral fee, a commission.

Of course, this is at no extra cost to you and you pay the same price as you normally would at that store. Also, our blog posts are designed to be helpful and thorough and find you the articles that we like, and by using these affiliate links we can earn a little income from writing our content and hopefully helping you make informed decisions about your purchases.

toolsdoctor.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites and we participate in programs from shareasale.com as well. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Finding the answers to your questions

I would always answer these questions as best as I can. Unfortunately, sometimes I’d be short of time (especially in cases where the responses required lengthy explanations). Also, often I’d be asked the same question by four or five people within a few days.I started looking for a simpler alternative. I scoured the internet looking for a great website where I could refer people with questions. That is where the frustration came in.

I found two broad categories of websites. The first are highly technical websites targeted at pros like myself. These have high-quality and accurate info. The problem is the language.

Most of the language is complex and full of geek-speak. It is the kind of language which a person without formal training in engineering would struggle to understand.The second are affiliate sites created by people with a non-engineering background. The language on these is simple enough, but the content is shoddy. It isn’t uncommon to find mistakes, misrepresentations and outright falsehoods on such sites.

I created Tools Doctor to solve these problems. I wanted a website with information of sufficient high-quality that I could confidently recommend my friends, family and clients to visit.

But I also wanted the language to be simple enough that an ordinary person can understand it. Above all, I wanted the content to be detailed, step-by-step and actionable.

Robert Sanders (Reviewer and Researcher)

Hi, I am Robert and am 31 years-old and I live in Lubbock, Texas. I have always been fascinated by tools and appliances. Am the guy who is always on the lookout for the latest tips, tricks, and hacks.

I also want to know the latest designs and inventions entering the market. As such, am always browsing the internet, looking for the latest info.

My passion is helping people to find the best tools and appliances for their needs. This is why I joined Tools Doctor as a researcher and reviewer. The sad fact is that the tools and appliances market is full of fake, substandard and counterfeit products.

To make matters worse, there are plenty of “reviewers” who never test the products at all. They simply parrot the claims of manufacturers and recommend substandard products. Such people mislead you into buying a tool/appliance which malfunctions within a short time. My goal is to save buyers from such nightmares. As such, all my reviews are honest and truthful. I follow a systematic approach (which you can read about below). Ultimately, I can give you all the facts that you need to make a purchasing decision.

Angela Harper (Reviewer and Staff Writer)

Angela-Harper, Writer of toolsdoctor


Hi, am Angela, a 28 year-old living in Lubbox, Texas. I am a mechanical engineer. I have always had a passion for sharing my engineering tips, tricks and hacks with non-engineers. This is something that gives me joy and fulfilment.

The undeniable fact is that the world is becoming more mechanised. Every day, more sophisticated gadgets are entering our homes and workplaces. Many people get freaked out and intimidated. They assume that they’ll press the wrong button and mess everything up.

The cure for this fear is knowledge. Good quality knowledge which is presented in simple, everyday language. And that is what I do. My goal is to demystify the tools, appliances and gadgets around you – so that you can maximize their benefits.

Our Strategy

One of the core tasks we carry out is product reviews. We review lots of tools, appliances and gadgets. The review process generally differs from one product to another.

Even then, there is a 5-point metric which we use to evaluate every product we review. These 5 points form the basis of our review strategy. They are based on the questions people typically ask when making a purchasing decision. Here is a brief look at them:


This answers one simple question: does the product do what it is supposed to do? Does it accomplish the purpose for which someone would buy it? Our focus here is on two this (1) actual performance in a real-world usage, and (2) verifying the manufacturer’s claims about the product’s performance. We basically put the tool, appliance or gadget through the paces and document how it performs.


This answers the question: how easy is it for a user to get results from the product? This looks at aspects like installation, operation, maintenance, and cleaning. A product which requires genius-level intelligence to operate may not be of much use to an ordinary person – irrespective of how functional it is.


This answers the question: does the product deliver accurate results, consistently? The question of accuracy depends on the tool or appliance in question.

For instance, if a tool is supposed to be built according to certain certification standards, an accurate tool is one which meets those specifications. If an appliance is supposed to heat up to a certain specified temperature, it is accurate when it reaches the temperature.

Consistency is how often a tool or appliance meets certain specified standards. Every buyer would want a product which delivers results consistently. Otherwise, an inconsistent product cannot be trusted.


This answers the question: how durable is the product? For how long can you count on it to serve its purpose? To answer this, we examine the product build, review the warranty and (most importantly) research user reviews and testimonials. User feedback is especially important in determining the longevity of the product.

Value for Money

This answers the question: does the product offer value for money? Do you get a bang for your buck? The question of “value for money” can be subjective. What we do is perform a price vs features vs user feedback comparison with competing products. We ultimately arrive at a fairly accurate assessment of the product’s value for money based on market conditions.

We hope our review are helpful, thorough, informative and accurate enough for your needs. In case you need any clarification or have any feedback, do not hesitate to contact us