Best Clip-on Car Trash Cans Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 30, 2022
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Our cars can be our pride and joy. But if we don’t take care of them, they can be our biggest shame.

If you’re like me, sometimes keeping the inside of your car clean can take a backseat to making sure the exterior is pristine.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve given a ride to a friend and had to tell them to “ignore the mess”, or to “just put that in the back”. 

Not only is this embarrassing, but there are also several risks to having a messy car. Dust and dirt can make you sick if too much builds up, and rubbish on the floor can slide around and even get stuck under the pedals.


But worry no longer! I’ve found the best clip-on trash cans for your car that can help you keep it clean without having to do the awkward ‘under-the-seat reach for that old bottle of water.

I’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you figure out the best one for you. So let’s take a look at some of the best clip-on car trash cans on the market.

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Clip-on Car Trash Can Reviews

Masadea Clip-On Trash Can With Lid

This handy car trash can is a great addition to your car, SUV, or any other vehicle. Small and compact, you can easily clip it into your car door without it getting in the way.

Its spring-close lid makes sure that your trash is secured on bumpy roads, as well as stopping any bad smells from building up.

While it’s on the smaller side, this clip-on trash can is a practical and effective way to keep your car clean. Its durable plastic is waterproof and easy to clean – simply wipe down the inside after you empty it! A great choice for any vehicle.


  • Lid keeps trash secure and reduces smells
  • Easy to clean plastic
  • Suitable for any vehicle


  • Small, only has limited space

Accmor Mini Trash Can

Accmor’s mini trash can is practical, discreet, and multi-purpose. It can be placed anywhere in your car, from the door to the dash to the cupholder. What’s more, it’s easy-to-use clips make moving it around your car quick and easy.

When you want to clean it, you can simply remove the plastic cover for added convenience. Its basic, open-top design is perfect for other uses too, such as holding small items like your sunglasses or your wallet.

You don’t need to worry about taking up too much space, either. This trash can is unintrusive and perfect for saving space.


  • Practical and unintrusive
  • Can also be used to hold items like drinks and sunglasses


  • Open top, risky on bumpy roads when full

PME Pivoful Luxury Leather Folding Garbage Can

Looking for more of a premium product? Then this is the garbage can for you! This trash can is made of durable luxury leather, with 4 magnets built into the seam that secure the lid while not in use.

The lid also has a built-in LED light that switches on automatically when opened, perfect for seeing where you’re storing your trash when it’s dark.

Leak-proof and waterproof, this trash can comes with 50 trash bags that clip on quickly and easily for the most convenient experience.

And when you’re not using it, the flexible material lets you fold it down for storage in the glove compartment of a door pocket. Available in a range of tasteful colors, why settle for anything less?


  • Comes with 50 trash bags so you won’t need to replace them for a while
  • LED lets you see where you’re putting your trash at night or in tunnels
  • Flexible leather lets you fold it up for storage when not in use


  • Works best in the back seats, not really suitable for front of the car

Zone Tech Mini Portable Trash Can

Another trash can that balances practicality with effectiveness, the Zone Tech Mini is perfect for taking with you on the go. Compact and easy to put in, this trash can is perfect for any vehicle with its simple clip design.

Its lid keeps your rubbish secure, and the super-durable plastic will make sure that you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

The strong materials are also leak-proof and waterproof, and the strong spring in the lid makes getting rid of rubbish easy. Just clip it in and you’re ready to go!


  • Waterproof and leak-proof
  • Suitable for any vehicle, can clip on in multiple places for ease of access
  • Made of durable materials and built to last


  • Small, only suitable for small pieces of rubbish

Carbage Can Premium

This car trash can from Carbage Can simultaneously has plenty of space for trash, without taking up the whole car.

Its multi-purpose clips can attach to a floor mat for maximum convenience during long drives, or can secure it in the back seat to free up the passenger side.

While larger than other models on this list, the Carbage Can Premium is still an easy and unobtrusive way to manage your trash. And don’t worry about any spills that will wreck your floor mat – the anti-topple and leak-proof design will make sure everything stays inside.

The trash can also comes with a bag securement band to keep trash bags in place and stops any shifting or tucking.

This trash can is ideal for road trips or frequent day-to-day use without the need to constantly empty it. An altogether great product.


  • Large storage space makes this perfect for long journeys or extended use
  • Can attach to the floor mat for easy access from the front, or the back for more room
  • The bag securement band keeps the trash bag in place and prevents mess


  • Larger bin can take up more space
  • No lid to prevent smells

Clip On Car Trash Can Buyers Guide

When looking at the ideal clip-on car trash can to buy, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind. Here are a few things to consider when browsing through products.


If you’re a regular driver who wants something that won’t distract them on busy roads, your best bet is something small and easy to access. Additionally, trash cans that clip into a seat pocket won’t be of much use while driving.

If you know you’ll be using your trash can a lot, make sure you can reach it. Otherwise, what’s the point of having one?


When looking at the size of your trash can, you should also think about the size of your car. If your car is limited for space, you’re better off with a smaller trash can that can fit out of the way without being intrusive.

Trash cans that can clip in various places around the car are perfect for this, as you can move them around and store them more easily so they aren’t taking up too much space.


If you drive frequently or take longer journeys, it only makes sense to get a bigger trash can.

Depending on where you are, you could be driving a long way without any stops, so you don’t want to be caught out by a full trash can part way along your journey.

On the flip side, if you only drive short distances or don’t drive too often, a smaller model is perfect. These don’t take up much space, and can help remind you to empty them before any smells build up.


Some trash cans are better for certain situations than others. For instance, if you have a larger family and most of the seats are taken up, a larger trash can that fits in a footwell or the back of the car might not be the best choice for you.

There are plenty of discreet and easy-to-move trash cans on the market, so it’s a good idea to consider how much it’ll be used and where you’ll be putting it.

Also, if the roads near you are bumpy I’d recommend getting a trash can with a lid. There’s no point getting a trash can if the garbage is just going to fall out any time you hit a bump.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Car Trash Can?

All the trash cans in this list either use trash bags that can be removed when full, or are made of materials that can be cleaned with a wipe or warm soapy water. If you’re worried about damaging your trash can while cleaning, you can always check the product listing for more information.

Where In My Car Can I Put My Trash Can?

This differs from product to product, but many of these trash cans are easy to fit anywhere they clip on.

Some need a more specific place, but the clips attach to most surfaces. Just make sure that the trash can is stable when you’re driving to avoid spills or distractions.

Does My Trash Can Need A Lid?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be better off getting a trash can with a lid.

If you go along bumpy roads a lid can stop your trash from falling out, and any liquids from spilling. However, some trash cans like the Carbage Can Premier are designed to prevent any toppling.

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