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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Digital protractors are at the core of the precision of any project that relies on craftsmanship. You see, those blueprints that you spent hours on is nothing more than a doodle without the best digital protractor in your hand. That protractor that your kid brother uses is a hilarious joke.

From the age-old saying “Measure twice, cut once”, you can comprehend the significance of precision that there’s been all along. You definitely don’t want to cost a workpiece for some lousy mistakes you made in measurements.

Digital protractors can be a very helpful tool for woodworkers or people who want to do DIY work using woods. If you are one of them and want to get a perfect digital protractor for your work then you’ve made your day as you’ve come here. The five topmost digital protractors available in the market to make your path easier.


1. GemRed 82305 Digital Protractor Angle Finder


A combination of a ruler and protractor makes GemRed Protractor a user-friendly measuring tool. Its digital readout is quick enough with an accuracy of ±0.3°. The display of the protractor has a resolution of 0.1 and doesn’t measure the slide downs and reverse angle.

GemRed protractor has a folded length of 220mm and an expanded length of 400mm and it can measure length up to 400mm. Users can measure relatively as this protractor gives the flexibility of taking zero at any point. It also contains a locking screw if any angle needs to be held.

Because of having a stainless steel body, it will give more durability but in this case, the user has to notice the temperature of the working place.

This protractor will give the best result while the temperature of the working place is 0-50 degree C and humidity less than or equal to 85% RH. It functions with a 3V lithium battery which is lightweight and eco-friendly.


2. General Tools 828 Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge & Digital Protractor in One


828 digital protractor is a combined package of T-bevel digital sliding gauge and protractor. Its handle is impact resistant and takes measurements using a stainless steel blade.

ABS plastic body makes it lightweight. To be more precise its overall dimensions are 5.3 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches and the weight of the tool is only 7.2 ounces which makes this easy to carry.

This protractor has a transitional display system which makes the measurement process easier. The digital gauge includes a reverse display and flips display button.

The user can use both sides of the scale without any extra effort. The full LCD provides a large readout. Compartments are less in number so it’s easy to use.

In the case of measuring angles, it will give 0.0001% accuracy which will make the cuts proper. To function 828 protractors requires 1 CR2 battery so it provides better durability. With an automatic shut-off feature, it can extend battery life.


3. GemRed Digital Level Box Protractor Angle Finder Level Gauge Bevel Gauge Inclinometer


Level box protractor gives a wide measuring range which is 0 to 360 degrees with 0.1 repeatabilities. Its base includes powerful built-in magnets that help the protractor to be connected with any iron surface.

If we talk about performance, it’s fast enough and gives accurate reading with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees at 0 and 90 degrees.

The measuring range of 2*180 serves metalworking and safety. LCD which provides a clear view ensures accuracy and precision for taking readings. The auto power-off feature is also included with 5 minutes of no operation which extends battery life. The backlight also turns off after 30 seconds of no movement but digits will be visible.

Single AAA battery is needed for power supply. The aluminum and plastic-based structure make it lightweight. It is 2.08 ounces weighted. The water-resistant feature is included so the user doesn’t have to worry about carrying it anywhere.


4. Calculated Industries 7455 AccuMASTER Digital Protractor Angle Finder Ruler


7455 AccuMASTER is a flexible measurement tool with a digital angle gauge and digital protractor. The 8.5×1.5×0.8 inch tool includes a metric measurement system. Made of stainless steel so it’s more durable and etched marks are easy to read. The scale has 16th mm marking and on the other side 32nd mm marking to make the measurement process easier.

Moreover, the pivot in the gauge allows full rotation in both directions. As a result, measurements can be done up to 360 degrees. Accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees is ensured. Using a protractor angle finder shouldn’t be any better.

For relative measurements, zero points can be set at any point. The relative angle can be measured by determining the difference between the first angle and the second angle.

The large LCD provides clear reading and can freeze the digits until the user moves the tool. The auto power-off feature is included for saving battery life. It requires a single CR2 battery and provides longer life. 2 years of warranty will be offered to the customers for any free manufacturing services.


5. Wixey WR412 12-Inch Digital Protractor


A wixey digital protractor is a great tool for trim work and crown molding. This 13 x 2 x 0.9 inches digital protractor is also used to measure the angle in any plane.

All blade edges include strong magnets which will ensure the stability of the tool on any iron surface. Blades can be stiffened for measurement purposes. The Longer legs increase its working flexibility.

The main manufacturing material is stainless steel so its blades are quite sharp and have a rigid body. Etch marks are clear and it’s easy to take the reading with this tool.

The product is matte black painted making it look better and attractive. Its weight is 15.2 ounces that reduce the problem while shipping because in the case of shipping weight is always an important issue.

Single Lithium metal battery is required to supply power and battery life is about 4500 hours. 1 year of warranty is offered to customers with this protractor. It is not available for international shipping. Shipping is only allowed inside the US.


How to strip wire fast x
How to strip wire fast
Digital Protractor buying guide

Though there are some variations in different protractors here we have sorted as well as shortened regular features which you must know.



Digital protractors can include LED, LCD or digital display. If you are looking for better accuracy then go for LED or LCD. Display with a clear view will make the task easier and less time will be required.

Some protractors include backlight in the display. With a backlight protractor, working will make no difference in day or night. With that, if you can get the automatic light off feature there’ll be a lot less hassle with the batteries.

If the flip display is available then you won’t have to worry about placing the scale. This feature will rotate the reading according to the placing.

Adjustable Resistance

2 types of Adjustable resistance are available that will keep the measuring angle at the exact position. This resistance is created by a plastic or a metal knob at the joining point. Metal joints create more resistance thus more accuracy but you may need to sacrifice the cost where the plastic knobs are cheaper and corrosion can occur.

Battery Life

Working efficiency generally depends on the life span of the battery. Protractors with automatic shutdown property are better in this case. It will help to increase the lifespan of batteries. Before getting one check the number of batteries needed and total lifespan of it. Note that backlight and display size affects the service period of the battery.

Memory Storage

A good protractor comes with good memory performance. If memory storage is good then it will keep previously measured values.

Measuring Range

Firstly check if pivot allows full rotation or not. According to the rotation measuring range will be changed. Full rotation ensures 360 degrees measuring range.

Leg Extension

According to the structure, all protractors can’t measure every required angle. If you need determining angles in tight areas then Leg extension is your kind of feature. This extension will help the device to determine those angles which are hard to reach.


Accuracy is a parameter to measure the precision of the performance of a protractor. Try to compare the accuracy rate of different protractors you will understand the differences.

If your work needs specific measurements then accuracy is a matter to bother. In the case of design works, crown mold structural works then accuracy is a significant one. You can get protractors to give 0.0001% accuracy which is very much close to the perfect value.


Digital protractors made of aluminum will be lighter in weight than that of stainless steel. The weight of a digital protractor can be about 2.08 ounces to 15.8 ounces. With a weight of 15 ounces, it will be tough for the user to carry it from one place to another.


Rulers made of stainless steel make woodworking more precise than others. The graduations should be engraved enough to last longer. If you need the measurements of both length and angle on a regular basis, rulers are a better choice.

Zeroing at any point is easier with rulers as they have clear etched marks. It’s essential to measure relative inclination. But rulers come with the hazard of cuts due to sharp edges.

Frame and Base

Block type protractors require a robust framework which may be plastic or metal. Aluminum alloy frames make the gadget lighter yet strong enough to go through rough use. Bases are ought to be metallic too but it’s quite obvious that it should possess a strong magnet.

Water Resistivity

A protractor with water-resistant capability provides the flexibility of places or weather also. For metal bodies, high temperatures can affect the measurement process. Strong plastic frameworks support water resistivity more and hence during rough weather this tool can be used outside openly.

Additional Properties

Some protractors include locking screws. It’s used to hold on any angle. So with the movement of the tool, it won’t affect the locked value. Reverse angle feature also helps in angle measurement.


How accurate are digital angle finders?

Its accuracy is ±0.1° when you’re checking 0º, 90º, and 180º, but drops to ±0.2° at all others. That’s on par with other angle gauges in this price range, but something for fine finish carpenters and woodworkers to keep in mind.

Is there an online protractor?

Move protractor : … This is a transparent online protractor, also helps you measure angles in a picture, you can easily measure the angle of any object around you, taking a picture and uploading it, then dragging the midpoint of the protractor to the vertex of the angle.

Can I use my phone as a protractor?

ON PROTRACTOR turn your smart phone into a useful protractor set for quick angle and slope measurement. It helps you measure the angle of everything conveniently and accurately with your phone anywhere, anytime. … You can also switch the protractor measurement unit between degree and radian by just a click.

How do you use a digital angle ruler?

How does a digital protractor work?

The protractor contains an advanced liquid-filled angle sensor that changes its electrical properties as the angle of the protractor is changed. The variations to the electrical signal are measured by a precision microprocessor to provide a highly accurate angle measurement.

What is a digital angle gauge used for?

Use this magnetized, digital angle finder for dozens of projects including leveling, alignment and setting table saw blade angles. The angle has a large, easy-to-read digital display for instant accurate readings.

Why is a protractor called a protractor?

By the seventeenth century, protractors were standard tools for navigation at sea by sailors. … This protractor was named three arm protractor because it had a circular scale and three arms. Two arms are rotatable, and one central arm is fixed so protractor can set any angle relative to the center arm.

What is the least count of bevel protractor?

Explanation: The least count of bevel protractor is 5′. It is commonly used for angular measurements where more precision is required like for angular measurement in workshops.

Why are there two scales on a protractor?

Measuring Angles

The two scales make it easy for us to measure angles facing different ways. To measure the size of angle ABC, place the protractor over the angle so that the centre of the protractor is directly over the angle’s vertex, B; and the base line of the protractor is along the arm, BA, of the angle.

How do you find an angle without a protractor?

Which side of protractor do you use?

If the angle opens to the right side of the protractor, use the inner scale. If the angle opens to the left of the protractor, use the outer scale.

Are digital levels more accurate?

A digital level isn’t more precise or accurate, but it’s easier to read and use. The digital display is simple and easy to read, and let’s you know exactly how level you are and which way you need to move in inches or millimeters.

What is a digital level in surveying?

Digital leveling systems for surveying rely on an electronic laser to scan a level staff with bar code markings. This type of level reduces the chance of human error when interpreting graduation marks, and a digital display ensures accurate readings. … An upside to digital levels is the potential for data integration.

Q: What about the battery compartments?

Ans: Battery compartments are easily accessible. You can change batteries easily. The space for batteries is enough to complete the circuit.

Q: Is there any way to disable the backlight?

Ans: It will vary with different protractors. All protractors with backlight don’t include this feature.

Q: What does it mean by zeroing?

Ans: It’s related to relative measuring. Zeroing means setting zero at another point or setting a new starting point.


Though a lot of options for digital protractors are available in the market, we have enlisted five best digital protractors. If you are looking for digital protractors with some advanced features then you can go for the GemRed 82305 angle finder, Calculated Industries 7455 angle finder ruler or Wixey WR412 digital protractor.

These protractors include all the advanced features which aren’t common in most of the protractors. Give your work priority, ask yourself if you are satisfied with the specifications or not and get the suitable one. Our product reviews and buying guide section are here to put an end to your confusion.

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