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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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Laser levels funded its market share from its efficiency and competence over the usual torpedo level. Shooting lasers out in both horizontal and vertical directions, it can maintain laboratory precision when hanging that family picture in your living room or a bookshelf in your study or installing a door latch.

Torpedo levels or bubble levels can never offer that precision that you’ll get from these. The best laser level for homeowners obviously comes in a budget and is oriented towards ono-professional applications that you might require. Keeping the operating system simple and intuitive, it’ll obviously cater to your specific set of needs.


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Best Laser Level for Homeowners reviewed

After knowing all the most important aspects while choosing the most useful one, it is equally essential to gather knowledge of the few finest laser levels in the present market. In this section, we will give you a quick review of some of them covering both good and bad aspects.

1. DEWALT DW088K Line Laser


To start this list we have a convenient yet powerful line laser from one of the most reputed companies on the tool market. This top-notch product will cater to all your leveling and layout needs owing to its bright horizontal and vertical bright pulsating lines. It is highly accurate as well with accuracies up to 1/8 inch at 30 ft.

This laser level includes 3 laser lines and green pointers to produce brighter lines in different lighting conditions. Its full-time pulse mode maintains maximum brightness level at an extended range of 165 ft. Nevertheless, the set of AA batteries will provide up to 20 hours of continuous usage.

For strong and long-lasting performance, it is covered in an over-molded housing. That’s why the line laser is water, dust, and debris proof and can withstand harsh weather with ease. Moreover, the hard plastic storage case on this model is small enough to carry easily as well as durable enough to protect the tool for a long time.


2. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level


Qooltek Laser Level is a must-have laser level if you want efficiency and convenience in one package. This nifty tool is great to have around your house for various DIY projects. It comes equipped with 3 useful features: a bubble level, a laser level, and a measuring tape to ensure accurate measurement every time.

The 8-foot laser tape measure is highly effective in metric or imperial measurements. A user-friendly ON/OFF switch is provided to make the whole process easier. Additionally, with its 3 AG13 batteries with a backup battery, you can keep the device running even after the main batteries are drained.

This class IIIA laser level has a ranging error of +/- 2mm at 10m and 25m which is quite impressive at this price point. Though it is made out of hard plastic material, it is utterly lightweight. Therefore, it is easy to handle and ideal for carrying one place from another.


3. BLACK+DECKER Laser Level


Next, we have a versatile laser that is perfect for all your basic leveling and alignment applications. Unlike the laser tapes for builders, BLACK+DECKER Laser Level is one of the lower-cost lasers but fast and highly accurate additions to your toolbox. It comes equipped with two built-in bubble vials with backlights for brighter and prominent visibility.

What makes this laser level stand out from others is the 360-degree rotating base which can be mounted on a wall or floor. The wall mount allows you to reach tight spots like up along stair rails or inside of a closet. For more precise and straight measurement, you get a spike so that it can be fixed into sheetrock.

This laser comes with 2 AA batteries which are more than enough for house jobs. You can even use this to refine calligraphy projects. Aside from these, it is small enough to fit in your pocket and hold in the palm of your hand. On top of all, this model is classified as a Class II type of laser which is considered to be safe.


4. Johnson Level 40-0921 Laser Level kit


Now we have an effective laser level from Johnson which is quite handy for tackling all of your leveling needs. As a self-leveling laser level, this is specialized to project bright vertical and horizontal laser beams lines simultaneously. This capability lets you measure from a greater distance with optimum accuracy.

With an interior range up to 100 ft., it works well both indoor and outdoor jobs. The 360 degrees graduated base makes it effortless to work in various angle layouts. At the same time, there is a single-level power switch to lock the pendulum when it is not in use. This feature is quite helpful while traveling.

This laser automatically self-levels within 6 degrees so that you can get an exact-level line with few minor adjustments. It also has a visual indicator that lets you know when it is on off level. Most importantly, this whole unit comes in a rigid carry case for easy transportation and utter protection against harsh realities.


5. SKIL Self-Leveling Red Cross Line Laser


To finish off the list, we have a mildly priced piece that plays a critical role in several household leveling tasks. SKIL line laser is powered by a powerful lithium-Ion battery that has a USB charging port for convenient recharging. Thus you won’t need to change the batteries constantly like others.

Additionally, this versatile laser can project two highly visible lines to construct an ideal cross line projection. The bright red laser beam is visible for 50 ft. indoor, boosting accuracy of 3/16 inch at 30 ft. Other than that, a clamp is provided which can be attached to the top or bottom of this product for a stable position.

For further accuracy in measurements, it includes an integrated locking mechanism to carefully position the projected line from any angle. Not to mention, its self-leveling capability kicks in within 4 degrees. Therefore, you can be confident with its measurements even if you don’t have time to manually level.


A Complete Guide to Select the Best Laser Level for Homeowners

As a homeowner like you, accuracy should not be the only feature to look for in a laser level. You should take into account a few different characteristics as well. This process can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to laser levels. Our well-informed guide will surely lessen your difficulty.


Laser Type

When it comes to laser levels, there are three types to choose from; line laser, dot laser, and rotary laser.

Line Laser

Line lasers are the most common among them. At once, it can cast a vertical or horizontal line onto the targeted surface. They are mostly used in house fixing and leveling jobs.

Dot Laser

Dot lasers are used to project a dot of light on the aimed plane. You can use them for various jobs like plumbing installation, framing applications, and more.

Rotary Laser

Lastly, we have a rotary laser level which can project a single line like line lasers. But they are highly efficient for heavy-duty jobs like grade works, foundation digging.

Laser Class and Safety

The class of lasers is a numerical assessment of it being potential to an eye injury. Though they are classified into 4 classes, in laser levels class II and IIIA are found, basically. Along with that, the frequency range should be from 630 to 680 or so to get a decent red beam.

Class II

Class II beams won’t do any damage unless you deliberately stare at them for long. No sane guy does so, but children should be made aware of that. They consume battery less as such lasers are at best 1 milliWatt.

Class IIIA

If you require for doing quite precise leveling tasks, class IIIA ones are the sure recommendation. But it will cost you a greater number of batteries as they gobble up 3 to 4 mW power. Beware, an exposure of over 2 min may invoke an injury.

Accuracy Level

A top-quality laser level for homeowners should at least have an accuracy rating of over 20 feet and tolerance of more or less four degrees. Now, most laser levels include two types of accuracy levels: preset and self-leveling.

Between these, the self-leveling feature works best to find true level and accuracy. However, they are quite expensive. If you are not willing to spend too much money for home use, there is no harm going for a preset model. Make sure it has at least six degrees of accuracy.

Mounting Options

Some laser levels can mount on tripods, some come equipped with clamps while others come with a magnetic base. Regardless of what you choose, make sure it can mount different surfaces.

Among these, the tripod is most convenient and effective. It is quite handy for transportation. Even if you are working in a tight position or need to reposition periodically, tripod ensures stable results. On the other hand, the mounting base works best for an angled shot. It also allows you to stick to a metal track directly.

Laser Color

For laser color, you will be given two options to choose from. One is red and the other one is green. Red lasers are better suited to low light situations and provide less power. For indoor house jobs, it is best suited. The green lasers are most preferred for outdoor home use, as they are far brighter under natural lightings.

Beam Type

Beam type can be classified into two categories: horizontal beam and vertical beam. There are dual beam lasers that can provide both simultaneously. They are way expensive than single beam lasers but more suited for heavy-duty house jobs.

Visibility Range

Visibility range is the best way to describe the accurate distance that you can see the laser with your bare eyes. Normally, 50 feet is enough, if you are working on small to mid-scale jobs like picture hanging, getting absolutely level countertops, etc. Otherwise, you have to buy one with a higher range.

Power Source

All laser levels operate on some sort of battery power. It varies from standard AA or AAA batteries to rechargeable ones. If the price is not an issue for you, then you should settle for rechargeable ones. They are far more reliable and long-lasting. Yet, standard batteries are cheaper and simple to switch out.

Battery Life

The overall battery life of your choice solely depends on two factors: type of battery and how often you are using. If you use your laser occasionally, then it makes more sense to get the standard one. Otherwise, you should buy rechargeable ones. On one charge, some models offer up to 30 hours of runtime

IP Rating

IP rating short for ingress protection rating, used to describe the degree of effectiveness in protecting against foreign objects like dust and water. An IP rating consists of two digits where 1st digit is used to describe resistance against dust and 2nd one is used to denote resistance against moisture.

The 1st digit is rated a scale from 1 to 7 and the 2nd digit is from 1 to 9. The higher the number, the more capable it is to protect against dust or water. They are the most durable and long-lasting as well.

Laser Detectors

Laser detectors are common features among top-tier laser levels these days. Especially, if you intend to use a rotary laser outside, this feature is a must-have. Besides, it enhances your level’s working range and releases certain sounds to assist you to get the desired level.


Q: Can laser level harm your eyes?

Ans: Generally, class II laser levels don’t emit harmful beams but other types do. Thus it is always safe to wear protective goggles. Try to avoid looking at the source of beams directly.

Q: How often should you calibrate your level?

Ans: Primarily your laser level should come with presale calibration with an accuracy check. If you use your laser level every day, make sure it is calibrated once every six months. Otherwise, doing so after one or two years is enough.


When it comes to selecting the best laser level for homeowners, you need to look for those that can easily handle house-based jobs. Hopefully, you can find the most suitable option within your budget from our informative guide and brief itemized review.

Among others, DEWALT DW088K Line Laser is certainly our top pick due to its amazing accuracy, long-range and self-leveling features. Though it can be a little expensive, it is certainly worth your investment.

Other than these, if you are opting for an inexpensive piece and packed with valuable features, then SKIL Line Laser is hard to miss. With auto-leveling, rechargeable battery, and excellent accuracy, this is hands down the best value for your money.

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