Best Trash Cans For Honda Odyssey Reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  September 30, 2022
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The car that you choose to drive speaks volumes about your character, who you are, and the way that the world sees you.

The fact that you’ve chosen to own, and drive an Odyssey demonstrates that you care about the comfort and safety of your family, that you prize reliability and efficiency, value gas mileage, and understand that minivans don’t have to be bland, boring, and understated.

They can look good, and they can make you feel like a million dollars when you’re sitting behind the wheel of one. 

Trying to keep your Odyssey as good-looking on the inside as it is on the outside, that can be a whole new challenge in itself.

Especially when you’ve got a young family who are more concerned with what they’re going to watch on their tablets and how long it’s going to take you to get to wherever you’re going than they are about dropping candy wrappers and empty bottles in the footwells of the back seats.


It isn’t an easy task keeping your Honda Odyssey clean, and constantly having to empty the back seats and have your car valeted is enough to drive even the most patient of us to distraction and despair. 

But don’t worry, because there’s an easy solution to the problem, and an easy way to ensure your Odyssey stays clutter and litter-free.

All you need is the right trash can for your Honda, and to keep things simple, we’ve put together a list of the five best trash cans you can equip your Odyssey with to make sure that your regular trip to the valet service becomes a thing of the dim and distant past.

It’s time to embrace a new, cleaner, trash-free future for you and your Odyssey… 

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Trash Can For Honda Odyssey Reviews

Epauto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

When you’re setting out on a long road trip, you want to keep everything as easy and straightforward as possible.

And with this two-gallon trash can from epauto that you can just hang over the headrests of the driver and front passenger seats, that’s exactly what you’ll do. You’ll make sure that putting the trash where it belongs is simple. 

The elasticated opening on the lid ensures that when trash goes into this fully waterproof, easy to wipe and the clean trash can stays there until you empty it at the end of your trip.

And thanks to the lid having an easy to fasten and even easier to open when you know how to velcro seal, you can just tip the trash out, wipe down the inside and it’ll be ready and waiting for the return leg of your journey. 


  • Two Gallons Of Trash – It’ll hold two gallons worth of trash which means that you just need to hang it at the beginning of your trip, and empty it at the end. It’ll hold all the litter that your kids and family can create and still have enough room left over for the return trip. 
  • Matching Color Schemes – With eight different colors to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find a trash can that matches the interior of your Odyssey. 


  • Too Much Is More Than Enough –  It’s pretty big, so it might end up sucking up a little too much room in the rear passenger section for you, or your kid’s liking. 

Drive Auto Products Car Trash Can – Collapsible, Leakproof Garbage Bin with Adjustable Strap and Disposable Liners 

It’s simple to use, easy fasten system allows this two-gallon in-car trash can to be hung off the back of the headrests, fastened to the center console, or hung from the inside of a door.

And, as it’ll hold two gallons of any trash that your family can make while you’re driving from A to B and back again, you won’t have to worry about anything being left in footwells or on the rear seat of your car, as it has more than enough capacity to hold all of the road trip litter. 

It’s double-lined to make sure that everything that goes into it stays where it should, in the trash, and as it’s easy to wipe down and clean, as long as you do just that when you get where you’re going, it’ll remain odor-free and you won’t even notice that it’s there. 


  • Capacity And Cleaning – It’ll hold two gallons of road trip rubbish and when it’s emptied, this leakproof mobile trashcan is easy to wipe down and clean. 
  • Three In One Fastening System – Simple to secure, you can fit the Drive Auto trashcan to the back of the seats, the center, or the inside of one of the rear passenger doors. 


  • Not Exactly Sophisticated – Available in just two colors, grey or black it’s not exactly sophisticated or fashionable. At the end of the day, it’s a box that’ll store all of your car’s trash and that’s pretty much all that it is. 

Wontolf Car Trash Can Bin with Lid

It’s a mini trash can that’s been designed to hang from the rear of the driver and passenger seats, that does exactly what it’s supposed to and leaves your passengers in absolutely no doubt about where the trash has to go when they’re riding in the back of your Odyssey. 

The lid swings open when the trash goes in and snaps shut once it’s inside, so there’s no spillage or chance that anything that goes into the trashcan will come out of the trash can until you empty it. 

And its solid, ergonomic plastic design also means that it’s completely leak and waterproof, so if a half-empty bottle does go in, it won’t spill in the back of your Honda. 


  • Trash Can Is As Trash Can Does – It looks like a trashcan and it feels like a trashcan, and when it’s hanging from the back of a seat, there’s absolutely no way to mistake what it’s for, and why it’s there. 
  • Function Is The Key  – It’s all about function and design. It does what it says will, it’s affordable, easy to hang, and simple to use and clean. It’s everything that a car trash can should, and can be. 


  • A Little Too Small – It isn’t the world’s biggest car trashcan and probably won’t hold everything that you’ll need it to on those longer road trips 

Car Trash Can with Lid

It isn’t just the back of your car that gets messed up, so you’ll also need a garbage solution for the front of your Honda too, something to take care of, and hold the litter that you create while you’re driving here, there, and everywhere in your car.

And that’s where this stylish little trash can comes in handy. 

Made to slot straight into the cup holder of any car, its spring-loaded lid makes sure that whatever goes in the trash, stays in the trash, and its solid aluminum construction and design means that it’s straightforward and simple to wipe down and clean after it’s been emptied.


  • Swish And Stylish –  Car trash cans don’t get much better looking or stylish than this elegant little slice of in-car cleaning equipment 
  • Spring-Loaded Lid – The lid snaps open when you put something in it and it snaps closed again afterward, so anything that goes into this trash can stays in this trash can. 


  • Size Is Everything – It fits in the cupholder of your Odyssey so that should tell you everything that you need to know about the size of this trash can. It won’t hold much more than empty candy wrappers, but then again will you want or need it to? 

Carbage Can Premium Car Trash Can

What’s in a name? Well, when your product is called the Carbage can, everything.

It wasn’t and isn’t designed to hang off seats, consoles, or doors, it’s been made to stand upright and slide onto the mats in the footwells, and the carpet in the trunk of your car.

Designed in America and made in America, it’s a homegrown solution to your car-based garbage problems, that’s easy to use and simple to clean after it’s been emptied. It does what it says it will do on the tin, and that’s all you’ll want or need it to do. 


  • Homegrown, Homemade – It’s made right here in America from one hundred percent recycled plastic. 
  • Mat Fit, Trunk Slick – It’s been designed to stand upright in the footwells and trunk of your car, so won’t take up any much-needed passenger space. 


  • No Lid – It doesn’t have a lid, so if you do forget to empty it between trips it might start to smell a little funky after a while, and nobody needs, or wants that kind of smell hanging inside their Odyssey. 

Trash Can For Honda Odyssey Buying Guide 

Which Trash Can Is Right For My Odyssey? 

Honestly? Every trash can on our list is ideal for your Odyssey, but if you’re looking to fit your Honda with the best of the best, we’d recommend that you choose the same car trash can that we use in our Odyssey. And that’s the American-made, Carbage can. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Car Trash Can? 

A car trash can is exactly what you think it is. It’s a trash can that’s been designed to go in your car so that you don’t have to throw the trash on the floor or in a plastic bag. You can just throw it straight in the trash can. 

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