Boonstoppel paint: known for its colors

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 22, 2022
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bean stubble paint

since 1890 and bean stubble paint has become known for its monumental colours.

You can also list the better quality paint brands, including sikkens paint, sigma paint and merchant paint.

Boonstoppel paint

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I also painted with it on request.

Bean stubble paint is also used, especially in older homes that I have in my maintenance.

Boonstoppel paint has built its reputation through its colors.

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Boonstoppel gives your home a new lease of life, as it were.

Boonstoppel gives you a completely new look and creates a new atmosphere.

You don’t have to worry about the price.

The price is relatively cheap compared to the more expensive paint brands.

The quality is nothing less than that.

The homes that I maintain with bean stubble paint can last for many years.

A condition is of course that you clean all your woodwork twice a year with an all-purpose cleaner.

This benefits your durability and your shine on your woodwork will remain visible for longer.

Boonstoppel paint has exclusive color charts.

Boonstoppel paint has had its exclusive color charts for years.

They have special fans for indoor painting and several fans for outdoor painting.

Especially the monuments fan is very well known for its colours.

I know myself that I have often used canal green.

Beemster gray is also a well-known color among my customers.

In addition, I often use English red and Zaans green.

These are specific colors that enliven a home.

What strikes me with these paints is that the gloss level is very good.

The paint is good to work with.

In short, a fine paint that has also proven its durability.

Bean stubble with a special color fan.

In addition, Boonstoppel paint has a special color fan that is called the Dutch City and Streekkwaaier.

The color numbers and the origin of the color are stated on the back of this fan.

The fan is divided into two parts: city and surroundings.

It incorporates the colors of the present and the past.

Many color combinations are indicated.

Also state the area part from which area the colors come from.

So if you have an old building or a historic home, Boonstoppel is the place to be.

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