Dewalt DWp611 Fixed Base Router Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 3, 2022
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Woodwork is one of the oldest forms of art, and it just keeps getting modernized and developed throughout the years. You get various kinds of equipment to help you work with your woods and make them presentable and well oriented, just the way you would want it.

So, let’s start this Dewalt Dwp611 Review, which is a very versatile tool used to hollow out or even make wide sections on woods.

The performance of these routers makes it a suitable and right choice for beginners as well as veterans. This router comes with innovative styles and ergonomic features which just takes the whole working on woods to the next level.


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Moreover, the outcome is satisfying. This easy working router also comes with affordable prices, so let’s just say with one purchase, you are winning all the way.

DeWalt Dwp611 Review

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Weight5.5 pounds
Dimensions5.6 x 11.5 x 7.3 inches
Voltage120 volts
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty

Purchasing any wood router is a piece of cake, all you have to do is go to the nearest woodshop and buy one. However, if you plan to get the best, what you need is a little research. As this article has taken it upon itself to bring all the necessary information right in front of you, you do not have to worry so much.

Everything you need to know to purchase this very amazing wood router by DeWalt is put together here in order for you to decide. This model is perfectly affordable and as well as durable and friendly to work with.

Motor power and soft start

This router did not gain its popularity without any appropriate amount of motor power. Even though it’s said to be one of the smallest routers in the market, the motor rate for this tool is completely suitable to perform any kind of heavy-duty or make a hole through your wood with ease.

The durability of this motor comes with 1.25HP motor power, which delivers enough power to meet all the tough applications that is needed to be done by this wood router. It also offers a soft start technology, which decreases the force on the motor while startup. This also ensures that the motor is not in any kind of stress.  

Speed setting

If we discuss the speed, this router has a set of variable speed. They might go from 1 to 6 and even have a maximum range between 16,000 RPM to 27000 RPM.

This product allows you to choose and set your speed or range, however it is suited while you are working with your wood. Maintaining speed by electronic control also allows prevention from burning.

Dual LED and Adjustable Rings

The features do not end here, it just keeps getting better and better as you are about to dig deep onto the article. The router provides a dual LED light and a sub-base which makes sure that the operation is done with full visibility.

Adjustable rings are also offered which ensures that the depth changes are controlled with a range of 1/64 in.

Safety and Lock system

DeWalt has made sure that the safety is properly maintained in the router. They provide with spindle lock button and depth ring and clamp mechanism. The lock button ensures comfort as well as large, low-pressure in the single wrench changes.

Whereas, the depth ring and clamp mechanism make sure that the motor is always locked in its position at all times. Furthermore, the router provides a spring-load that helps release tabs that work together to make quick base removal.


The stability of this router is very exceptional and well appreciated. The durability of this product is assured by aluminum motor and base construction that is provided with the router.

They make sure that the strength of your product is always maintained. For improved user control, the sub-base on its extended mode work on their surface contact to keep it going.

Fixed and Plunge Base

The plunger base has the capability to handle almost all the jobs that are done in the wood workshop or your workplace. On the other hand, the fixed base is there to trim and edge the woods. This particular router moves easily, all thanks to these bases.



  • Light-weight
  • The dust collector is provided
  • Durable enough to handle all kinds of woods.
  • The LED light is provided
  • Easy to use
  • Variable Speed
  • Noise pollution is lower
  • Ergonomic design on the grip


  • Does not come with an edge guide, however, you can buy it separately
  • Cordless
  • No side handles or palm grip provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at the frequently asked questions about this router.

Q: Can you make circles with this combo kit?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, you would require a circle cutting jig. And for that, you need to buy the combo kit separately beside the router.

Q: Which type of router table, can you use this router on?

Ans: It is suggested that you do thorough research on which router table is suitable for your preferred router. But the Rockler Trim router table could be one of the products which is recommended anyway.

Q: Do you use a router left to right?

Ans: When the router is positioned in between you and the piece you are working on, you would have to move the router left to right. However, that only happens when you look straight down on the top of the router and rotate it in a clockwise direction.

Q: What is the longest router bit?

Ans: Freud 2 ½” bit, ½ shank with a cutting diameter of a ½ inches is the longest bit found so far.

Q: What do you use a router for woodwork?

Ans: A router is a tool that is used to hollow out space or area on a hard material like wood or plastic. However, routers are mostly used in woodworking. It is a hand handled device.

Final Words

As you have made it to the end of this Dewalt Dwp611 Review, you are now well aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of this particular product.

If you are still in confusion and in doubt of some of the topics, this article is right there in the air for you to read and decide if this is the right router for you. So purchase your preferable router and start with your journey as a woodworking hobbyist.

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