DEWALT Right Angle Attachment Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 30, 2022
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A person engaged in the construction business or a person who renovates a lot knows how essential drilling machines can be. You need it for practically anything, from attaching two boards to making new holes.

However, even the smallest and most portable drilling machine has some trouble reaching tight spaces. But this Dewalt Right Angle Attachment Review will tell you otherwise.

Yes, this right-angle tool can be an extension to your existing drilling machine and help you finish work, no matter how awkward the position is.

So, without further ado, let us see what other angles this tool can have.


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Weight4.8 ounces
Dimensions 3.9 x 1.88 x 8.75 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No

Highlighted Features

  • Attaches smoothly to Dewalt impact drivers and drillers
  • Floating ring on top helps in faster drilling
  • Accepts more than one size of the bit, as long as it is under 1/5 inch
  • Heavy-duty plastic covering
  • Five times more durable than other right-angle attachments
  • Heat-resistant material to restrict the plastic from melting
  • Ergo-economic design for effortless grip
  • Accepts screw-driving bits, nut drivers, spade bits, and impact hole saws
  • Cordless and portable tool

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Dewalt Right Angle Attachment Review

Although the highlighted features are pretty self-exclamatory, you still might have some questions and confusion. Hence, we have the following segment to answer all your queries.

Ergo-economic Design

The brand took a lot of things into consideration before they made this device. They especially looked into the size of the drilling head and made sure it can fit into places without needing much safe space.

The head is 1-1/2 inch, so you need less than 3 inches for this device to fit. It is small but not that small that it cannot fit your hand. The top part has metal layering so that it does not get starches easily.

Most importantly, this right-angle attachment is affordable and worthwhile.


Like any other Dewalt product, they are not willing to compromise on the quality of the product, whether it’s the internal side or the external. Hence, they use high-class ABS plastic to build the frame of the product.

The plastic keeps the product light and helps in shock absorption. So, the user does not feel the initial impact the tool makes when it hits the surface. Since the tool is lightweight and small, it will not break if it falls from your hand.

However, it would be best if you were careful because the tool might slip from the utility belt. The outer surface of the device also has a protective layer that makes it heat resistant. Hence this tool has a shelf life that extends five times than regular angle attachments.


An excellent quality about this supporting tool is that it can work with any driller or driver, even drillers from other brands. As long as the nozzle dimensions fit this tool, it will work.

On top of that, it can work with different shapes of bits. So, you can use nut-drivers, impact driving blades, pins, bits. The tool has nozzle heads for these pins. You pop one out and insert the bits into its respective hole.

The rim of the nozzle is magnetic, which makes bit insertion effortless. Moreover, if a small pin gets stuck inside, you can poke it out from behind.


The product weighs only 7 ounces, so you can already guess that it is super compact and portable. The reason it is so lightweight is that it needs to sit on the nozzle of the driller. It needs to exert force sitting on top of another device.

If it were heavy, the drilling machine might not be able to spin the supporting tool with much force. Another reason why the device is so portable is because of its dimensions, which are 4.9 X 1.2 X 8.7.

So, it fits right on your palms. It also has a firm gripping position, in case you need to hold it for more control. It also makes your craft more precise and accurate.

Right Angle

The angle is what makes all the difference when you are approaching a tight space. Since it has an angle and a quarter-inch head, it does not need much space to fit in.

You can use the tool for fixing car engines, or even changing rims and what not. If you are a lefty, you can still use the machine, but you need to attach it the other way so that the angle can face the surface.

All in all, Dewalt makes up for the lack of right-angle ratchets with this right-angle tool. So, get this, and you can stop worrying about those tight spaces.

Easy to Use

Using the tool is as simple as it looks. There is no cord, so no need to worry about plugging or finding a power source. The drilling machine or the impact driver is the power source for this supporting tool.

Moreover, the tool does not need any battery either. It connects directly to the drilling machine, which in turn powers the device. Besides that, it also has a strong magnetic field around the rim, which accelerates the tool.

Take the end of the right-angle tool and attach it to the driller nozzle. Then it would help if you pressed the trigger to make sure that the accessory is connected correctly.

It is that simple, and you do not need any chuck key or clamp. Thus, you will not have to rampage through your bag for other smaller parts.



  • Compatible with driller and driver of any brand
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 90-degree head
  • Magnetic nozzle
  • Secure rubber grip
  • Five times more durable
  • Affordable
  • ABS plastic body
  • Heat resistant
  • Accepts hex chuck


  • The bits can get stuck inside

Final Word

This Dewalt Right Angle Attachment Review screams, “fear of tight spaces, Be Gone!”. With this tool, you can comfortably access the inner rim of cars, those tricky shelf spaces, and much more. So, why not get this tool and make your life easier?

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