Dremel Saw Max vs Ultra Saw

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 9, 2022
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Comparison and choices are the soles of business; the fact that we have so many choices makes it possible for us to have something that suits our taste and our needs. Comparisons get even better when we have two heavyweights and this right here is one of those times.

Dremel Saw Max and Ultra Saw on their own make for some of the best quality tools you can find around. They get the job done nicely, accurately and with little or no fuss. On their own, they can lay claim to being one of the best products out of the stable of industry heavyweight, Dremel.

But we are going to pit them side by side; many users have asked the question of which saw makes for the best choice. Many of our readers have reached that point where they become unsure as to which product to go for.

This is why we have put together the perfect comparison review of both saws. Everything from their similarities to differences will be touched, as well as what feature makes one edge the other.

This will give you the best information as to what saw will suit your intended use.

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Comparable Features



The first thing you are going to notice about this two product is the look. By look, we mean the design of both tools. Many tool users have made decisions based purely on designs alone, which is why it is our very first basis of comparison.

The first thing to note is this; Dremel Ultra Saw is a new model. The model was based on an early model, which has fate would have it, is the Dremel Saw Max. This is why you will notice some easy-to-spot improvements when compared to the early model.

Both tools have similar ergonomics and their dimensions are more or less the same. If you have used a Dremel saw before, you would know it is quite heavy but the Dremel Ultra Saw is even heavier.  This is because of its motor and metal wheel guard (in the case of Saw-Max, it comes with a plastic wheel guard).

The increase in weight makes Ultra Saw a more powerful tool and the metal case gives it more protection, hence greater durability. However, none of this won’t matter if you are a novice user who can’t handle the tool.


The second basis of comparison is the functionality; after all, this is why we a user would purchase either of the tools. Let’s start with the similarities that they have in their functions before we move on to differences (and there is a number of differences in the features that make up the function of these tools).

Both saws can cut virtually any material you will come across. The capability of Saw-Max to cut almost any type of material is well documented and the Ultra Max has this too.

Both products can adapt to any type of cutting condition; be it straight fine cuts or more complicated plunge and flush cuts; Dremel Saw-Max and Ultra Saw will handle them.

However, Dremel Ultra Saw has an edge when it comes to the range of cutting. It can be used as a cutting tool (just like Dremel Saw-Max) but it can also be used for surface preparation and undercutting. This makes it a 3-in-1 tool that would really come in handy especially for commercial users.

You can make use of your Dremel Ultra Saw for a wide range of uses; from the removal of rust on old metallic surfaces to the installation of a new floor within the home. It can also be used for the preparation of tile in new buildings or buildings undergoing renovation.  

Blade Capacity

Another difference comes in the blade capacity; Dremel Saw-Max comes with 3-inch cutting wheels while the new Dremel Ultra Saw models come with 3 ½-inch and 4-inch cutting wheels. This means that a person using the Ultra Saw will cut through a large material faster than the person with Max Saw.

Cutting Wheels for Different Edges and Material

Users are faced with different edges for different materials while working, especially contractors. Both Dremel saws have provision for this; Dremel Saw Max has carbide wheels that are designed for use on wood and plastic materials, diamond wheels are intended for use on tiles as well masonry cut-off and metal cut-off wheels.

Dremel Ultra Saw has all of these plus a diamond abrasive wheel and paint-and-rust abrasive wheel; both wheels are for surface preparation purposes.


 The truth is both of these tools manufactured by Dremel are great, they work fine and effectively and would get the job done.

However, Ultra Saw being a newer model is the best choice. It has some upgrades on Saw Max and comes with better overall features.

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