Drill Doctor Dd750X Drill Bit Sharpener with Adjustable Angles Review

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 31, 2022
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For a person who works with drilling bits a lot, it is not just how dull their life can become; sometimes, the drill bits can also become dull as well! When that happens, you either have to discard the dull ones or keep working and damage the drilling tool and the surface.

However, this Drill Doctor Dd750x Review is all about how you can sharpen those wasted bits and bring them back to life. So, if you want to know more about how this exciting transformation happens, you need to read the following segments.


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Highlighted Features

  • Mend drill bits from walking
  • Can work on tin, iron, cobalt, masonry and other metals
  • A sturdy base with rubber coatings to prevent slip and slide
  • The magnetic motor helps in constant production of power
  • Sharpen and align drill bits for the drilling tool or any other machine
  • The Customizable feature that enables bending in any angle
  • A narrow chisel point helps in faster penetration
  • Operates smoothly at 110 Volts

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Drill Doctor Dd750X Review

Weight8 ounces
Dimensions13.75 x 5.75 x 11.75
Sizefull size
Power SourceCorded Electric
Voltage120 Volts

We bet you found the highlighted features enlightening. However, it will be even better if you knew why each element is there so, you can have a better idea about the product.


A professional who works with drilling and pinning has a plethora of drill bits on hand. Not all of them are new and shiny. So, in the absence of a sharpening tool, you would have to throw these metal bits away.

Fortunately, the Drill Doctor can come to our rescue. And the best part is that it is compatible with different metals. So, you are not limited to using steel bits only. This tool can work on steel, iron, cobalt, and masonry. It can even chisel hardened metals such as titanium.

So, with just one tool, you can take care of all types of drill bits.

Power Source

Since the machine has to work on objects like metals, it has to produce enough energy to cut through these metals. We are talking about slicing bits and pieces, smoothing and sharpening.

So, the machine functions with 110 volts and generates twice as much output. If you were to do the same task by hand, it would have been impossible or taken you ages. But this tool does it under minutes.

It is a corded machine, so you need to find a power source to plug it in. However, the device is lightweight and weighs about 4.4 pounds. Thus, it will not be difficult to carry the product to different places.


What will be the point of purchasing a mending tool if it is not durable itself? The whole point of getting a drill bit sharpening tool is so that you can save money by reusing it. But if that tool starts breaking apart and costs you more money, then it is better not to invest in one.

However, the Drill Doctor will worry you in this field. It has a sturdy plastic surface that can endure the pressure from the wielding. The interior is also safe from fragments of metal. So, the debris cannot get stuck inside.

There is also a rubber layer at the bottom of the tool that keeps it in place. So, the tool will not move or slip from the position due to vibration. Thus you can comfortably sharpen each bit.

Magnetic Motor

A metal shaping machine needs to provide consistent power, no matter how big or small the load is. If it flickers here and there, then the curvy drilling bit will not retain its shape anymore.So, to keep the flow of power continual, Drill Doctor uses a magnetic motor.


A cool feature of this drill sharpening tool is it can even customize your pins. It has a point angle sharpening blade that can chisel the metal bit from different angles. So, if you had a tricky drill bit that no other chiseling tool could sharpen, then the Dd750x is your machine.

You can set any angle from 115 to 140 degrees to shape the bit. An aluminum cast point also makes sure that the bit stays steady while it sharpens. So, your pins will not come out wonky and damaged.

Mend and Fix

You can do a lot to your battered bits with just one Drill Doctor product. It has a solution to any drill bit problem. A common issue with every drill bit that they get dull.

However, it will be just like sharpening pencils with this tool. All you do is insert the dull pins inside the device, and it sharpens the pins for you. It also has an extra narrow chisel point, which makes inserting the bit inside the machine-like slicing through butter.

Besides sharpening, you can angle cut and customize, too, as we mentioned before. If you are having issues with bit walking or spitting, this bad boy can resolve that too. You will have to change the function, which appears in the form of buttons.


Since the tool is portable and lightweight, it does not need a heavy stand. Moreover, it has smaller dimensions of 5 X 8 X 4.5 inches. So, it will not take much space on your workstation as well.

The tool has some big openings and lots of passage for the dust to settle. So, make sure to dust the machine after every use properly. Use a cotton cloth to wipe it off from time to time.

It will be best if you also covered the device to prevent debris and dust from settling on top.



  • 6-foot power cord
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Can shape into various angles
  • 110-volt electric device
  • Magnetic motor
  • Compatible with tin, titanium, masonry bits
  • Cons
  • The diamond wheel can be rough at the beginning

Final Word

It is better to sharpen those drill bits than toss them out the window, and from this Drill Doctor Dd750x Review, you know how to do it. So, give your wallet a rest from buying new drill bits and get sharpening!

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