How to paint over fiberglass wallpaper

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 21, 2022
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Painting fiberglass wallpaper gives an embellishment and painting fiberglass wallpaper can be painted in all kinds of colors.

Painting fiberglass wallpaper has to be done according to a procedure.

Before you start painting, you should of course buy a good fiberglass wallpaper.

How to paint over fiberglass wallpaper

There are many choices in designs, but what is also important is which one you buy.

There are several types in terms of thicknesses and for glazed fiberglass wallpaper.

You should pay attention to this when painting fiberglass wallpaper.

I always say buy a pre-sauced scan.

Scan is another word for fiberglass wallpaper.

It saves you a job.

If you buy that thin scan you have to apply three layers of latex before it is opaque.

Of course, this scan is cheaper, but in the end you pay more for extra latex paint and you lose more time.

Painting fiberglass wallpaper requires good preparatory work.

When painting fiberglass wallpaper, you also have to make sure that the preliminary work has been done properly.

By this I mean that the scan has been properly pasted and that a primer latex has been applied beforehand.

This is so important. I know this from experience.

click here for more information about latex primer.

Have applied latex primer once and let someone else do it.

Only later do you find out that this was not done properly.

The scan was not stuck in places.

Fortunately I was able to fix that by means of an injection in that spot.

But what’s the aftermath of it.

Applying glue is also crucial.

The main thing is that you distribute the glue well over a track and that you do not forget any pieces of wall.

If you pay attention to that, you will avoid difficulties.

Make sure to wait at least 24 hours before painting fiberglass wallpaper.

The preparation.

When painting fiberglass wallpaper, you need to make good preparations.

The wall you are going to paint should be free of obstacles such as furniture.

Then you will place a plaster runner on the floor about a meter from the wall.

This is how you keep the floor clean.

The next step is to disassemble or tape off sockets and light switches with tesa tape.

If there is a frame or window in a wall, you will also tape it.

Make sure you make a straight line.

This is reflected in the final result.

The whole then becomes super tight.

After this, take a painter’s tape to tape in the corners of the ceiling.

Make sure you have a candle straight line.

Also don’t forget to tape the skirting boards.

Now your preparation is ready and you can paint the fiberglass wallpaper.

What do you need?

Before you start, the main thing is that you buy the right supplies.

Painting fiberglass wallpaper has to be done with the right tools.

Buy a good fur roller and a small 10 centimeter roller.

Preferably use an anti-spatter roller.

Run both rollers under the tap to saturate the rollers.

Then shake them out and put them in a sealed plastic bag.

When you need to use them, remove the rollers from the plastic bag and shake them out again before use.

A good brush is also a necessity.

Buy a round small brush that is suitable for latex.

Before you start with this, take a sandpaper and run it over the bristles of the brush.

This prevents your hair from getting in your latex.

Then buy a good opaque matte wall paint, a paint tray and a paint grid.

Read here which wall paint is suitable!

Have a household staircase ready and you can start painting fiberglass wallpaper.

Method and sequence.

Before you start painting, stir the latex well.

Then fill the paint tray half full.

Start in the top corner first with a brush along the painter’s tape.

Do this over 1 lane.

After this, take the small roller and roll down a bit in the direction from top to bottom.

Immediately afterwards you take the large roller and divide the track into imaginary areas of one square meter.

And work your way down.

Dip the roller in the latex and go from left to right.

After this you dip the roller in the latex again and go in that same plane from top to bottom.

You roll the surface, as it were.

And that’s how you work down.

Make sure to slightly overlap the next lane.

When you’re done with a job, start again with the brush at the top and then again small roller and large roller.

And that’s how you finish the entire wall.

Do not forget to remove the tape immediately after you have painted a meter with the brush.

Let the latex dry completely and paint the fiberglass wallpaper a second time.

Problems that can arise with the solutions. Problems can also arise when painting glass wallpaper.

Does it dry spotty?

That means the fiberglass wallpaper was not properly saturated before painting.

Solution: Before painting, roll the fiberglass wallpaper with glue or diluted latex so that the structure is saturated.


g let go?

Cut off a piece with a snap-off knife and make a door, as it were.

Put some primer latex on it and let it dry.

Then apply glue and distribute well.

Then close the door again and you’re done.

Do you see incitements?

This may be due to too high a temperature in the room.

To prevent this, add a retarder.

I myself work with floetrol and it works great.

You have more time to paint wet-on-wet.

This prevents incrustations.

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