Painting vs wallpaper? How to choose

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 18, 2022
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The color of your bedroom. White? Or maybe you have a color on the wall? And if you want something different, what do you do? A lick of paint? Or wallpapered? There are so many possibilities! You can go many ways with the wall of your bedroom. In this blog I show you how you can get different styles and atmospheres in your bedroom with wallpaper!

Painting vs wallpaper

A color

You can choose to wallpaper your bedroom with one color, both with and without print. For a beautiful result, use the color from your wallpaper in different shades in the bedding and accessories.

When you choose a wallpaper with a print, you create a lively and harmonious color scheme by using different shades of the same color. Leave the other walls white, then the accessories will pop extra!


By choosing wallpaper with two colors of stripes and wallpapering it vertically, you create height in your bedroom. It also looks stylish!


When you choose a wallpaper with patterns, it can quickly look busy. Therefore, opt for a large pattern and let the pattern and/or colors from the wallpaper be reflected in the decoration of your bedroom, for example in the bedding or accessories.

Neutral & Print

Again: with a printed wallpaper it can quickly look busy. Another way to keep calm in your bedroom is to work with light and neutral colors. Grays and creams, for example, go well with the gray leaf wallpaper (left), while light pastels and creams go well with the green leaf wallpaper (right).

Wall Murals

Another option to dress up your walls is with photo wallpaper. By providing your wall (or part of it) with photo wallpaper, you can easily create a different atmosphere in the bedroom. The great thing about photo wallpaper is that (almost) everything is possible: a tropical island, flowers, forests, landscapes or abstract photos. So something for everyone!

As you can see, you can go in many directions with wallpaper: from flowers to stripes, from print to photo! Wallpapering your bedroom may take some time, but you can create a very unique style and atmosphere!

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