Praxis paint: wide range and often with a discount [recommended]

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 10, 2022
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At Praxis you can choose from a range of paints that are very suitable for a do-it-yourselfer.

The hardware store has a wide range and Praxis paint is often on sale.

I therefore recommend that you buy your paint from Praxis and I will tell you exactly why.


Why I recommend Praxis paint

The Praxis range is huge.

They sell lacquers, stains, latex, primers, primer latex and the paint supplies.

Many of my favorite paint brands can be found there, such as:

Perfection paint at Praxis

I always buy my paints from wholesalers. However, it happened once that the wholesaler was closed.

The customer wanted to have a departure that day. I told them that I had run out of latex and that the wholesaler was closed.

The customer indicated that Praxis has a good latex for an affordable price.

I had never heard of this brand Perfection.

I have worked with it and must confess that this is a good latex. The coverage is perfect and was able to paint a lot of square footage with it.

The price is also good, especially if it is on sale.

Of course I want to know how such a latex holds over time. There is nothing to complain about here either.

So definitely worth a recommendation!


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Sencys paint at Praxis

In addition to other well-known brands, Praxis also sells Sencys paint.

I’ve never worked with this myself, so I can’t comment on it.

I noticed that there is a full shelf in shared with Sencys paint. The range consists of wall paint, wood protection, concrete & floor paint, metal paint and primer.

The Brico and Formido also have a point of sale for Sencys paint.

Sencys paints are suitable for a do-it-yourselfer and great for home use.

The textured paint from Sencys, for example, is highly recommended. Read here all about textured paint and how to apply it properly.

Service & advice

The Praxis store also has a paint mixing machine where you can color your latex or paint.

In addition, you can always ask an employee for advice.

The advice can be about the color you want or for which surface you need a paint system.

The employee can explain this well and give sound advice about this.

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Praxis paint and other products also online

Praxis also has an online sales site. The layout of the site is very clear.

The menu clearly indicates which products are involved.

Besides Praxis paint you can also find in the menu:

  • construction materials
  • laminate flooring
  • decoration
  • tools and installation material
  • garden and outdoor living
  • bathroom
  • kitchen & living

In addition, there is a store finder button to search for stores throughout the Netherlands. There is always one near you.

Do you have trouble choosing? Or do you not know how to tackle a job and what you need?

Then go to Help for the Makers and select the Choice Help, Step-by-step plans, Services, or get in touch with a professional who can help you.

Inspiration & creation

The menu is completed with the category Online workshops for the Makers and a handy and fun blog from Praxis.

You can find inspiration about living ideas and the latest trends and tips.

Here you will find all kinds of instructions on how to perform a job with accompanying instruction videos. Extremely convenient.

The DIY advice ranges from wallpapering to DIY ideas. This last item shows you how to make, for example, a wine rack yourself.

Or whatever is fashionable these days to work with scaffolding wood.

Here you will find a lantern made of scaffolding wood, a scaffolding wooden Christmas tree, window boxes made of scaffolding wood and so on.

Each idea describes what to buy. In addition, a complete step-by-step plan with the necessary tools.

I really like this idea. I didn’t even know it existed!

If you really go through a site carefully, you will see that there is a lot of useful information next to the sale of Praxis paint.

In short: a range of possibilities on the site and in the hardware store.

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