Sikkens Alphatex SF: scrub-resistant and odorless

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 23, 2022
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Sikkens Alphatex SF

is a scrub-resistant latex and with Sikkens Alphatex SF you can make a wall opaque in 1 layer.

You should really try Sikkens Alphatex SF.

Sikkens Alphatex SF: scrub-resistant and odorless

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This latex comes from the Akzo Nobel factory and is made from Sikkens paint.

I was asked in Germany just across the border to paint 300 m2 of walls.

I have reviewed the work and advised to use Sikkens Alphatex.

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Beforehand I asked for what purpose to provide the walls with a latex.

The customer demanded a very scrub-resistant latex paint.

My advice was therefore to use Sikkens Alphatex.

In addition, the walls had to be matted in the color ral 9010.

Sikkens Alphatex is very easy to work with.

Sikkens Alphatex SF is really easy to work with.

Before starting I had to wipe the rest of the powder off the walls.

Then putty some pits and irregularities so that I could start priming.

The walls were previously plastered, hence the primer.

The purpose of priming is to get a better bond.

After the primer had dried, I started with the Sikkens Alphatex SF.

You should not put the Sikkens Alphatex   too thick.

Use the roller technique by first placing a W on the wall.

Then you go from left to right and from top to bottom.

Divide the wall into sections of 1m2 and finish the entire wall or wall in this way.

Make sure the latex is completely out of your roller before getting a new one.

Rolling out is very important with the Sikkens Alphatex SF.

This way you prevent incitement.

Sikkens has good qualities.

This wall paint has many properties.

In addition to being scrub-resistant, so you can simply scrub or wash the walls with water, this latex is completely odorless.

You smell nothing at all.

Very pleasant to work with!

One layer is enough if you take a light color.

Dark colors often require 2 coats.

An hour after you finish painting, you can use the space again.

Isn’t that fantastic?

You apply it with a brush or roller.

Another advantage is that it does not discolour.

In short, a complete product that is highly recommended.

It is also good in the market from a price point of view.

Anyone else have a good experience with Sikkens Alphatex SF?

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Thank you very much.

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