Winter Painter how much discount do you get & is it worth it?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 16, 2022
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winter painter

for inside and outside and for a winter painter you can also get a subsidy.

When you hear the word winter painter, everyone thinks that it must be extremely cold before a painter comes.

No, the word winter painter has to do with the fact that many discounts are given during the winter period.


You usually talk about interior painting.

Painting outside is also an option.

There are simply fewer assignments in the winter than in the summer.

As a painter, I can know that.

I always and several colleagues say that you have to earn it in the high season.

So that’s from mid-March to mid-October.

What you receive as assignments afterwards is a nice bonus.

You can then give discounts both on your hourly wage and possibly on your equipment.

I myself give 10 and 5% respectively.

A winter painter has nothing to do with cheap painters or cheap paint.

This is purely due to the fact that there are fewer assignments in the winter.

I know from experience that you can’t go anywhere to paint from mid-December to mid-January.

It is then winter and you have the holidays.

Winter Schilder uses an hourly rate with a discount or a fixed discount per day.

A painting company usually gives a discount on the hourly rate painter.

This can vary from 10 to 30%.

This depends on the outstanding assignments.

It is therefore always the main thing that you request a painting quote from various companies.

Click here for a no-obligation quote.

Three offers are enough.

My view is that 3 offers are enough.

Otherwise you will no longer see the trees through the forest.

If you then have a quote, check the data and ask for references.

Then you invite a painter and if there is a click you can give the assignment.

You can also get a fixed amount of discount per day.

The government encourages that.

The conditions are that you must hire a professional painter, the painting must be done in the winter months and the maintenance must be done on your own home.

This compensation or also called subsidy is no less than € 30 per day.

This will last as long as the work lasts.

This applies to both indoors and outdoors.

You must carry out the work on the maintenance of your house for at least 3 man days in a row.

If you would have interior work in the future, it is better to postpone it to the winter period so that you can save money.

A good idea right?

Who of you has ever had a winter painter come over and had good experiences with it?

Working through the winter
Painting in winter

Painting in the winter is possible and in the winter there are certainly opportunities to continue working thanks to the Flow Control.

In the summer it is no problem to be able to paint outside.

The temperatures are often pleasant.

At a temperature of 20 degrees it is ideal for painting.

Of course it has to be dry.

Your paint is therefore at a nice temperature and is then fluid.

You can then cut well.

Another advantage in summer is that you don’t have to dilute it.

This is better for your end result.

But hey, it’s not always summer.

We are dealing with four seasons.

I think that’s something to do, by the way.

The best time to paint is therefore spring and summer.

In the autumn it is also desirable, but from mid-September there can be prolonged fog in the morning.

This must be erected before you can start painting.

Or it will remain fog all day.

Then unfortunately you cannot paint outside.

The moisture precipitates on your paintwork, which later causes, among other things, the peeling of your paint layer.

Winter and a painting company

Many painters and painting companies use the so-called winter rate during the winter.

When you have a painting company and you employ staff, you would like the staff to continue working during the winter.

If there is no interior painting then you have to do something.

No work means continued payment.

Of course, a good painting company has built up reserves for this.

In severe circumstances when it is very freezing there is nothing left but to put down the work.

You can still sand it, but you can forget about degreasing.

The water then freezes immediately.

Often the painting is completely covered with a tarpaulin.

In addition, hot air cannons are placed.

Such a hot air gun can quickly bring the temperature to ten degrees.

It then becomes somewhat comfortable for the painter.

This is also better for the paint.

You can already start painting above five degrees.

But the warmer it is, the better.

Developments certainly do not stand still.

There are already paints where you can paint with plus 1.

It’s cold and you want to continue working.

It is cold and you still want to continue working as a painter or as a private individual.

Or there is a

certain delivery where painting outside is also a priority.

In principle, I do not paint in the winter.

In the winter you actually have to go inside.

Then of course there must be work.

I have certainly painted in the winter.

I never left my paint cans in the car overnight but in a heated place.

When you start painting, the paint has warmed up slightly.

This irons a little easier.

In the course of time, the paint cools down quickly in the winter.

The paint then becomes viscous and does not flow properly.

As a painter, I know of course many tricks to somewhat prevent this.

I would like to share this tip with you.

I add a dash of owatrol to the paint.

The paint will then remain fairly liquid and you can cut well with it.

Do you want more information about this? Then click here.

That period is within painting an alternative.

In the autumn , in principle, only painting is done inside.

And it is actually a logical thought.

As a painter you often have time for this.

The late season is a great time to fix up the interior.

I personally have always done that in my own house and still do.

The only thing that can sometimes be a problem is that you have to paint casement window frames and then open them.

It will then dry less quickly.

By the way, you put these windows in the draft position after half an hour so that they dry faster.

In the winter you have time for, among other things, painting a ceiling, painting kitchen cabinets, painting walls, painting a bathroom and much more.

You can’t work long days.

In the morning it is only light at about half past eight and towards the end of the afternoon at about four o’clock it is already dark again.

These are the dark days before Christmas.

I personally don’t work with lamplight, but prefer outdoor lighting.

Sometimes it’s so dark during the day that you have no choice.

The Last Season and the Flow Control of Sikkens.

Developments do not stand still and Sikkens paint has come onto the market with something new.

Namely the Flow Control.

It is a kind of cooking pan that contains a battery.

You can charge the battery overnight and place it in the Flow Control.

Then you pour some paint into a plastic jar.

This pot fits exactly in that Flow Control.

You turn it on and the temperature of the paint slowly rises to twenty degrees.

If you want this heating up to cook faster, take a kettle with you and pour some hot water into the Flow Control beforehand.

You then have paint at about 20 degrees all day.

Fantastic isn’t it?

When you want to change color, take another plastic jar and pour that paint into it and change it in the Flow Control.

This way you can continue working even in winter.

It is also called a heated ironing vessel.

The benefits are enormous.

Firstly, you can continue working even at low outside temperatures.

Second, you have an excellent low temperature bloom.

Your end result will be better and your shine will remain.

Third, you don’t need to thin the paint.

Which are also advantages than you can smear, cut and set it up more easily.

In addition, you save time due to fast drying.

This is definitely worth a recommendation.

Always happy with those inventions.

Previously, you also had to work through a boss.

But then you didn’t have the tools and these skills yet.

A cheap painter with the winter rate

Finding a cheap painter with the winter rate has become easy these days. When you have internet access you can find what you want through search engines. The great thing about this is that you can search by region and your own city or village. Don’t feel like searching? Schilderpret  has a quote form with which you can now receive quotes from local painters without obligation. Completely free of charge!! Click here to immediately receive non-binding quotes.

When to outsource

Painting can be learned. However, it is not for everyone. The moment you’ve tried it anyway and it doesn’t work, or you just don’t have time for it, it’s better to outsource the painting to a painter with the winter rate. Especially for the interior painting.

cheap painter

Where can you find a cheap painter? Cheap can sometimes be expensive. This is about finding a painter who either gives discounts or offers special promotions. You can ask a painter for that. Painters often give discounts in the winter if it involves a lot of work. If you look for cheap painters on the internet, you will come across everything: from bastard to recognized painting company. If you want to play it safe, always go for that painting company. They give guarantees on the paintwork for a certain period. Go with a painting company and ask for discounts. You can also enforce discounts together with the neighbors.

Winter rate painters

A winter rate is a special offer

appropriate rate for a specified period. This period is always in winter and sometimes even longer. The period is usually from mid-October to mid-March of the following year. Each painter uses his own discounts and can sometimes go up to 25 euros. A winter rate can also be a fixed amount per day. This can also vary. The average amount is between 25 euros and 40 euros per day that you receive a discount. Use a search engine to find a cheap painter with the winter rate. There are many keywords for this: painter’s winter rate, winter painter’s hourly rate, winter painter discount, winter painter’s premium. Search by region so you can compare.

Free quotes painting

When you have found cheap painters with the winter rate in your region, immediately request a quote for the work to be performed indoors. You will see that you will receive quotes quickly because a painter has fewer jobs in the winter than in the summer. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of the winter rate.

Would you also like to receive a winter discount? Then receive six quotes from reliable painting companies in your region, free of charge and without obligation, up to a forty percent discount?! Click here for free painting quotes.

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