Acrylic sealant: for sealing joints

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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acrylic sealant, how to choose the right one and on which surfaces can you apply acrylic sealant.

Acrylic sealant is a completely different product from silicone sealant.

Acrylic sealant is water-dilutable and paintable.

Acrylic sealant

This is not silicone sealant.

The sealant cures by evaporation, on the other hand, silicone sealants absorb water to harden.

These two sealants are therefore the opposite: acrylic sealant is for sealing seams and joints in dry areas,   silicone sealant is used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The kit is suitable for many surfaces

Kit with acrylic   is suitable for many surfaces.

What is important before applying the sealant is that you must degrease well beforehand.

This degreasing is for better adhesion.

One feature is that this sealant adheres well without applying a primer.

The sealant adheres to many surfaces such as wood, brick, masonry, plaster, glass, ceramic tiles, metals and hard PVC.

What you have to take into account is that the kit shrinks slightly.

This shrinkage varies from 1% to as much as 3%.

This means that you have to apply the sealant generously.

If you have applied the sealant, wait at least 24 hours before painting it.

If you want to continue working and seal as quickly as possible, it is best to apply acrylic sealant for 30 minutes.

You can then start painting after 30 minutes.

As far as I know, Bison has this kit in its range.

Nowadays have kittens that have a color.

And especially in RAL colours.

You can seal in the same color after painting a frame or window.

An acrylic sealant is therefore a good solution for seams and joints.

As a Brabander says: “If you don’t know it anymore, there is always kit”.

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