Alabastine: the all-purpose filler that’s sand-free

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Alabastine all-purpose filler

Alabastine all-purpose filler for a smooth result and with this Alabastine product you no longer have to sand.

Alabastine all-purpose filler

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Alabastine all-purpose filler use

For example, if you want to paint a wall with a latex paint, you must prepare this well. It depends on the condition of the wall. Is it wallpaper or is it plastered?

To get a smooth result you will have to remove the wallpaper. You have to clean the wall completely. There should no longer be a piece of paper on the wall. If it turns out that the wall is not completely smooth or that there are large holes here and there, it is best to break down the entire wall. You can have a professional come. But you can also do this yourself. Alabastine has a very nice product for this and that is Alabastine wall smooth. This is very easy to apply with a roller and comes with a special spatula to smooth it out. Really simple. I have used it several times myself and as a painter I succeeded. Read the article about Alabastine wall smooth here. If you have small holes, it is best to fill this with a concrete filler. Alabastine has a very nice product for this. This is an all-purpose filler and is chafe-free.

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Alabastine fills holes without shrinking.

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I think it’s great products. The product we are talking about here is Alabastine all-purpose filler. Anyone who hates sanding should use this. It is a product with a so-called lightweight technology. The advantage of this Alabastine product is that you can fill the hole in one go and you don’t have to sand it afterwards. It doesn’t shrink at all. It is of course important that you smooth it well with a putty knife. Use two putty knives for this. A narrow putty knife to fill the gap and a wide putty knife to smooth it out. Another big advantage is that it doesn’t sag. You immediately have a mirror-smooth result. If you wait two hours, you can paint over it with your latex. This Alabastine product adheres to many surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, cement, chipboards. It also adheres well to plaster and stucco. It even adheres to polystyrene. It’s not called an all-purpose filler for nothing. In addition, it is also suitable for ceiling repairs if you want to paint a ceiling. If it is only a few holes, you can smooth everything out with this all-purpose filler. You can use this all-purpose filler from Alabastine for both indoor and outdoor use. You can buy it in regular hardware stores and it is available in tubes and a jar of 300 ml and 600 ml.
The conclusion of this product is that you do not have to sand and that you get a super smooth end result. The most important thing here is that you can do this yourself. After all, has been set up for this purpose so that you can carry out a lot of painting work yourself without having to engage a professional. Who of you has ever used Alabastine all-purpose filler without sanding? If so what are the experiences? Would you like to write down your experiences by posting a comment below this article? Then we can share this with everyone. Thanks in advance. Piet de Vries

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