Alabastine “muurglad” for small surfaces

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 23, 2022
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Alabastine wall smooth

is handy and you shouldn’t use Alabastine for a lot of square meters.

Alabastine for walls is another product that is aimed at being able to do it yourself.

Alabastine muurglad

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You can’t talk about this until you’ve tried it yourself.

I am a painter by profession and unfortunately not a plasterer.

Yet I have
Alabastine wall smooth has been applied several times and I must confess that it is very easy to apply.

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This is ideal for a do-it-yourselfer.

What you have to pay attention to is that you process it within 15 minutes, because it dries quickly.

Alabastine   on many surfaces

Alabastine   can be applied to many surfaces.

Which you should keep in mind that you don’t do large projects with this.

By this I mean that you make a lot of square meters.

The real thing is too expensive for that and it’s better to have a plasterer come over.

If you have a wall of approximately between 0 and 6 m2, you can apply the Alabastine wall smooth.

It is really ideal for surfaces such as structure walls, after all, if you have to remove structure you still need some time.

Wall smooth also for glass fiber wallpaper

You can also apply it for glass fabric wallpaper.

Consumption is then somewhat less than with textured paint.

Also useful over walls that are spacked and over granol.

If you do it right you get a super smooth result.

Before you start with this, make sure you degrease the wall well.

This is better for adhesion.

You can use an all-purpose cleaner for this.

You apply it with a roller and smooth it with an iron that comes with the purchase of Alabastine wall smooth.

The drying time is only 8 minutes and after that you can apply a latex paint or apply wallpaper or cotton.

You can complete the job the same day.

Alabastine   is just trying

You just have to try it.

Finish a piece every time per square meter and you will see that you can do it all yourself.

My question is now whether you have ever used Alabastine wall smooth and what the experiences are.

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