Anza Wall paint roller

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 22, 2022
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Wall paint roller with anti-spatter and a wall paint roller is intended for smooth and slightly textured surfaces.

A wall paint roller is a necessity to get a nice result.

Due to its large size, usually 25 centimeters, you can work quickly.

Anza Wall paint roller

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You can get a nice smooth surface with it.

Previously, much use was made of a block brush, which was desirable in itself, but you needed much more time to complete the painting job.

Nowadays you have many types of wall paint rollers.

My personal experience goes out to the Anza brand.

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I have a good experience with painting a wall.

You must know in advance which wall or wall you are going to paint.

If there is structure, use a wall paint roller with longer fibers.

If you are going to paint a smooth wall, you should take a wall paint roller with micro fibers.

Wall paint rollers are for not splashing.

If you take a quality wall paint roller, you won’t be bothered by splashing.

This is especially true when painting a ceiling.

The rollers from Anza all have an anti-spatter property which is very nice.

Because there are micro fibers in these rollers, you always get a super smooth result.

Anza wall paint roller has great paint absorption.

This wall paint roller from Anza also has a large paint absorption.

An advantage here is that you can work faster and if you roll out the latex paint well, there will be no job formation.

These rollers have slanted sides so that no thicker tracks are created, the so-called deposits.

You also do not see black stripes at the end of the lanes because the turning mechanism is not made of metal but of hard PVC.

In addition to wall paint rollers, Anza also has paint rollers.

I will describe this in a separate article.

Who else has good experiences with an Anza wall paint roller?

Am very curious!

Let me know by leaving a comment below this article.


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