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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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To turn one ordinary place into a watch worthy place, all you need is to decorate the place with some woodworks. To decorate with woodworks, firstly you need a hand drill to make holes and other things to make the required shapes and sizes of wood. So the hand drill is a primary need for drilling purposes.

Nowadays the former underrated device is in the peak of demand as it provides the exact work. In the case of a manual hand drill, the applied pressure and consistency are in your’ hand.


Again it doesn’t need any electricity, so it is safer and not dangerous at all in use. An electric drill works at high speed so controlling that drill is quite difficult, but in the manual hand drill, you can control the applied pressure when you are working in a sensitive device.

Manual hand drill gives a smooth process of making woodworks, decorating ornaments or jewelry, craft, DIY works. These hand drills are attractive to customers because of their light-weighted, portable and easy to use type craft.

Manual Hand Drill buying guide

If you don’t want to waste your money and don’t want a trial for the very first time, then you should think before buy. Before buying, you should look at certain things to buy the best one. So for only your contentment here is some tips. Hoping that these are going to help you.


The Materials

You should always look for those materials which are long-lasting and stronger because it is tiring and waste of money if the materials of the drill are not good enough to provide your requirement. So at first look at the made of the process. The right material, the better the hand drill.


Human loves outlook first then he/she goes inside it. So manufacturers are nowadays concerned about the design also. To see the materials and then go-to design. Because appearance is one of the important things in human life. So I prefer your choice of course.

Flexibility of Handle

If the handle is flexible, then the drilling process is quite easier. So the removable handle is another important requirement in case of buying a manual hand drill. In the case of drilling in hard materials, a handle with breastplate is needed. So if the handle is removable, then you can replace the handle according to your needs.

High/Low Speed

In case of making small holes, you all need is high speed but in case of making big or large holes, you need slow speed. So if you choose a hand drill with two speeds that’s a worthy one.

Holes for Oils

To work smoothly, it is needed to give oil in its gear parts so that the friction between gears becomes less. So always look for oil holes to lubricate your hand drill if you want the best use of your tool and use it frequently.


When you are going to buy one manual hand drill, you should check the price of it. Before going to buy, you should have knowledge about the prize from the website or other customers. Otherwise, you can be cheated badly.

Best Manual Hand Drills reviewed

Our first and foremost goal is your contentment and so we work according to it. Our first concern is to make you happy. To make it easy and effortless for you to find the best manual hand drill, here is some recommendation. We hope from the suggestion you may find your desired ones. So let’s get started.

1. Fiskars 85167097J Manual Rotary Craft hand Drill

The Fiskars Manual Rotary Craft Hand Drill is a desirable hand drill because of its appealing

features. So customers are going towards it and their review is quite positive for this one.

It is quite easy to use because it needs a little effort and pressure in downward drilling. As it is a craft,

it goes best with light works like drilling holes in wood, sheet metal, papers, plastic and other projects with the craft.

It is a delicate manual one looking similar to a power drill, but it doesn’t need any electricity or battery for its easily turnable hand crank. Again, as it doesn’t go with electricity, it does not make any noise in its working period.

All the equipment like gears and other components are inserted inside the device, so it works smoothly and doesn’t vary the pressure in the operation period. Because of its enclosed mechanism, it’s easy to control the pressure and operate neatly.

This tool is a long-lasting one and has a warranty of a lifetime because of its good materials. But don’t forget that is a craft drill, take it easy.

Sometimes because of overuse without proper handling, it can break out after drilling holes. Some customers are unhappy because of it, but they barely use it properly. You shouldn’t give more pressure on it doing your craft projects rather take it easy.

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2. Schroeder Hand Drill 1/4-Inch Capacity

Another best overall hand drill is Schroeder Hand Drill 1/4-Inch Capacity as it shows the best performance and attractive outlook.

Human likes beauty and that is notified at a glance. So to this one. Its look is attractive that attracts the customers. The shiny steel and rich coloring of it make customers buy it.

Its handle is strong enough to provide required drilling and it’s easy to control when drilling is being done. The length of it is shorter than that of another hand drill. But its handle is not removable at all. That’s is not a good one feature of it.

The clogging probability of this hand drill is less because of its bounded ratchet system, but the gear system is not closed one and so you should keep your eyes open when working.

Again, this one does not need any electricity and so it is easier to control this hand drill when working on sensitive metals. As a result, you can get your desired craft. So the manual drills are still preferred to the electric ones.

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3. Frylr Hand Drill Speedy Powerful Manual Hand Crank Drill

In our recommendation, the third-best is this one. The manufactured design of it is quite classy. Its two handles are made of ABS plastic and the rest of its parts are made of cast steel. So this hand drill is light weighted.

This hand drill needs no electricity and battery as well. People use it with manual pressure. This one is preferable because it is easily controllable.

One handle is for holding the device and another one is required for drilling purposes. The speed of this device is accurate. The chuck and bits are standard.

This one is a stronger and cost-effective device. It is a life-long device and it does its duty totally. It has two pinions with double gears that’s why it is studier and stronger.

Soft iron and thin ones, wood, copper, bamboo, plastic, fiberglass, etc. can be drilled nicely with this one. For the DIY purpose, educational and extracurricular practice, woodwork on ornaments or various occasions, it is used.

It’s a well-made drill and does its job done but you have to put constant pressure while you are doing your job or it will go offside. Eventually, by using more and more your drilling quality will improve day by day.

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4. Swpeet Powerful Speedy Hand Drill

With a lot of variation in sizes comes the fourth one. This hand drill has 13pcs of the various drills. In all these drills, the bits are ¼ ‘’ to provide the best service to the customers. This hand drill is also made of cast steel, only handle is made of plastic.

Here you get two pinions to get the proper control over the drill. Sweet has a high speed in its steel. It has a coating of titanium which helps to provide durability and stability.

It has not only two pinion gears but also a chuck with key. That key can secure the bit so that chuck doesn’t fall apart at the time of drilling. It is used in various purposes like DIY, educational practice, creative works, woodwork, designing ornaments.

As it is a manual drill, so it does not need any electricity or battery. Because of its high-quality steel, this hand drill is not broken easily. The handle is flexible for movement purposes.

It is not safe to work near water. This hand drill is also light weighted and runs for a long time. Sometimes, the working process is not smooth then it becomes irritating to drill with it.

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5. YYGJ Manual Hand Drill Tool Set

The last but not the least one is this. This tool has amazing features to amaze you. This one is light-weighted, not large and movable to everywhere. This drill can fit itself to any bags to carry it anyplace.

ABS plastic is the material for handle and carbon steel is the main material for the rest parts. This drill has also a chuck with a key. There are various sizes of drill bits to meet your desire. These drill bits are not only packed inside the device but also give effective workout and sturdiness.

This one is suitable for wood, bones, various nuts and seeds but not metals at all. Electricity or battery, nothing except manual power is needed to work with it. In the use, you have to be careful because if your hands shake, the drill will break.

In the case of working, you have to work at a constant speed to hold stability. Otherwise, you will get bad work in your DIY fancy or any other thing. Despite this drawback, the use of it is quite easy.

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10 Best Manual Hand Drills 202010 Best Manual Hand Drills 2019

What is a manual hand drill called?

A brace is a hand tool used with a bit (drill bit or auger) to drill holes, usually in wood. Pressure is applied to the top and the tool is rotated with a U-shaped grip.

Are old hand drills worth anything?

Hand Drills

Some of them are very valuable in the world of antique tools both because of their rarity and the type of materials that were used on them. … Long tools that have a brace with an auger or twisted bit. Drills with precious metal or ivory inlays.

How do you use a manual drill?

What is the output of a hand drill?

The efficiency is usually 50-60% i.e. 1000 watts of input is converted into 500-600 watts of output (rotation of the drill and hammering action).

What are manual hand drills used for?

A hand drill is a manual tool that converts and amplifies circular motion of the crank into circular motion of a drill chuck. Though it has been replaced in most applications by power drills, the hand drill is used by many woodworkers.

Q: Is the manual hand drill suitable for drilling glasses?

Ans: Generally the manual drill works for woods, bones, sheet steels, nuts, plastics not for glasses. To crack the glass, a glass cutter is the best one.

Q: Is the hand drill capable of drilling both large and small holes?

Ans: Most of the hand drills nowadays have two speeds to have large as well as small holes as required. The high speed goes with small holes and slow speed goes with large ones. In both cases, it’s better if you begin with a pilot indent/hole using a center punch.

Q: Is it good to have a removable handle in the manual hand drill?

Ans: It is always good to have a removable hand. Because when one wants to work with hard metals, then he/she needs a breastplate with the handle. Again in normal woodwork, that breastplate is not required at all, then only the main handle is enough. For these purposes, the handle should be removable.

Q: What are the materials used to make the handle and other parts?

Ans: The handles generally are made of plastic and the gear with rest parts are made of cast metal or steel. Because of these arrangements, the manual hand drills are quite light-weighted nowadays.

Q: When does it break out?

Ans: In working with these drills, you should be careful about the manual pressure. Sometimes, because of over-applied pressure or inconsistency in applying pressure causes the break of the drill.

Q: Do the hand drills need any electricity or battery?

Ans: No, they don’t need any electricity or battery at all because the drills need only manual power or pressure.


To fulfill your small but priceless desire of decorating your house, drywalls with woodwork, or any DIY purposes or any educational purpose, it is sometimes required a manual hand drill over a power drill. The power drill is sometimes proven dangerous to work with as most of the time work with power. In the point of controlling and stability, the manual drill is quite a better one. To decorate your ornaments by drilling a manual hand drill is required. The above recommendation can fulfill your requirements totally. Choose one or more of them according to your needs.

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