Best pallet buster | Make light work of pallet demolition with this top 3

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 22, 2021
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Trying to dismantle a pallet by hand or with a metal rod? It’s no easy feat. That’s why you need a customized tool for the job. A pallet buster will not only get the job done quickly but will also protect you from injuring yourself.

The pallet buster might be a simple tool, but it can be difficult to find the right one. If it is of inferior quality, it can pose a risk as it could break apart and injure you in the process.

That’s why we have found the best selection of pallet busters on the market.

Best pallet buster make light work of pallet demolition

My top recommendation for your pallet busting needs is the Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle. This lightweight buster is designed for ease of use and durability and will make quick work of any pallet dismantling job. 

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Overall best pallet buster: Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster Overall best pallet buster- Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel

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Best budget pallet buster: U.S. Solid Wood Dismantling Tool Best budget pallet buster- U.S. Solid Wood Dismantling Tool

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Best portable pallet buster: Molomax Deluxe with Nail Remover Best portable pallet buster- Molomax Deluxe with Nail Removal

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Features to consider when choosing the best pallet buster

There are certain key features to consider when selecting the best pallet buster for your needs.

New to the business or only a DIYer? Don’t stress! The description of key features below will assist you in making the best and most informed choice.

Material and quality

Pallet busters are intended for heavy-duty use. That’s why they have to be sturdy and durable. Pallet busters that are made of steel are the best option as premium steel can withstand pressure without rusting.

The quality of the design is another factor that plays a vital role in the choice of the right tool. The pallet buster should be properly engineered to distribute pressure evenly across the surface.

Some busters come with plastic parts that do not last as the plastic is not durable enough. That’s why we recommend a steel body pallet buster with an ergonomic design.


The right pallet buster should make the dismantling process quick and easy while requiring the minimum amount of energy. To make this possible, you need a pallet buster that is light but still strong enough to withstand pressure.

As we mentioned earlier, a steel pallet buster is preferable. However, increasing the weight of the steel will increase the weight of the tool.

That’s why it is important to consider a pallet buster with good weight distribution. You can find information about the weight of the tool from the data provided by the manufacturer.


Some pallet busters are designed to be used anywhere in the construction yard. They come with parts that can be dismantled into pieces, which makes them easier to carry.

If portability is important, then this is an important feature.

Also, remember to consider the weight of the tool as this will affect the portability too.


Forks will help you to dismantle the pallets by wrapping around the pallet stringer.

In general, you need a narrow fork to pull out a 2-inch long stringer. Longer forks can remove stringers that are 4 inches or longer.

Spaces between the forks should also be considered. In general, the space should be 3 to 4 inches.


A pallet buster with an articulated head will enable you to keep the planks that are being removed in one piece.

An articulated head will ensure that the applied pressure is evenly distributed on the planks and prevent planks from breaking apart unevenly.

Handle and grip

The handle plays an important role in the efficacy of a pallet buster as it must be able to withstand the pressure that you apply to it.

A soft grip is more comfortable. If the pallet buster doesn’t come with a handle, any pole or handle can be inserted. Generally, a 1.25-inch pole will be perfect.

The best pallet busters reviewed

Below we have listed the best products on the market in terms of quality and durability. Let’s have a look!

Overall best pallet buster: Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel

Overall best pallet buster- Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel being used

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This pallet buster is ideally suited to everyday tasks. It is easy to use, has a basic configuration, and makes the dismantling of pallets a simple job.

Except for the grip up top, it is constructed out of durable solid steel which will ensure longevity. It is still lightweight enough to carry around though.

Because it is made out of one piece welded together, you can apply strong pressure without having to worry the whole thing will come apart.

The product design and appearance are also appealing. The blue baked-in powder-coated exterior prevents exposure to the elements and rusting.

The forks are evenly placed which allows you to evenly distribute applied pressure on the plank. This feature together with the articulated head dramatically reduces the chance of breaking the boards when removing them.

See it in action here:

The steel buster is equipped with a soft grip for better ergonomics. The overall length of the tool is 41-and it can also be used to remove dock boards.

It’s a durable quality tool that will make pallet dismantling a breeze and I recommend this pallet buster to anyone.

Check the latest prices here

Best budget pallet buster: U.S. Solid Wood Dismantling Tool

Best budget pallet buster- U.S. Solid Wood Dismantling Tool

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This product is perfect for heavy-duty use. The quality of this tool is almost flawless and it complies with US standards. On top of that, you get a one-year warranty on this product!

The reason it’s cheaper is because of the simple design, and also because the handle is not included, this is a pallet buster head only.

This allows you to select your own handle, however, which you might already have lying around. If not, any 1.25″ steel pipe of your preferred length will do, you can easily get one at your local hardware store.

The handle features a locking pin that will hold your pipe handle in place and allows for heavy force to be applied.

A downside however is that the buster head is not articulating, which makes it harder to remove a board without breaking it.

Check the latest prices here

Best portable pallet buster: Molomax Deluxe with Nail Removal

Best portable pallet buster- Molomax Deluxe with Nail Removal

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The advantage of this pallet buster is the portability as the parts and handle can be taken apart. It is made of durable powder-coated steel and will set up to a solid handle with a perfect length.

Another great feature is the width of the fork. Most pallet busters cannot cope with oversized pallets and larger boards, however, this buster’s wide fork is up to the task.

This buster is also able to remove nails from boards with a special piece on the back, which is very convenient.

The head is not articulating though, so you have to be a bit more careful to pry a board up without damaging it.

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Pallet buster FAQ

Do wooden pallet busters last?

There are some (DIY) pallet busters that are made of wood. The fine, softwoods such as pine, yew, spruce, and Douglas fir are preferred.

However, you need solid material such as steel for heavy-duty tasks like dismantling pallets.

Can a ‘blue pallet’ be dismantled by these pallet busters?

The label ‘blue pallet’ means that the wood that was used to make the pallet was debarked before use. You can use these pallet busters to break down the planks.


This post will hopefully help you to find the best pallet buster for your specific needs.

The right choice of tool will make projects easier and save you a great deal of time and energy. Once you get the hang of using a proper pallet buster, you will be wondering how you ever managed to live without it!

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