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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 19, 2021
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I’ve told it a hundred times and I say it again, these pouches and tool bags serve a greater purpose than just carrying all your tools. You’ll end up with an intuitive muscle memory locating each tool. Making yourself very efficient is an upside that many can’t comprehend.

Getting yourself the best roofing pouch will save you a lot of trips up and down the ladder. What can be more relaxing than having all your tools while you’re in the middle of a task or a project?


Roofing Pouch buying guide

You might be left clueless about the pros and cons of different products as each comes with unique features. So, before digging in, go through the section and you will understand yourself which product will benefit you most.



The meaning of being a roofing pouch lies in how much tools it can carry in it and size is the answer. Height and length should be more than 4inches and width should not be less than 4 inches as bigger pouches hold more tools. But if you have a greater number of small tools, a small pouch with a greater number of pockets is more suitable for you.


Better building materials include nylon, layered rugged body or 600D polyester. Nylon has complaints of failing to provide enough comfort. So, for long periods of roofing, avoid nylon. If the body of the pouch is weak, it won’t hold off all the heavy and especially pointy tools.


That’s why at least three big pockets should be present in an ideal roofing pouch. The number of pockets means the number of tools that can precisely go to a specific part of the pouch. Fewer pockets will force you to stack multiple tools in one pocket and will give you hard times in finding your desired tool.


Reinforcements help the parts of the pouch where it endures much pressure. Places like where the belt clips are, the bottom of the, and side of the pouch should be reinforced for ensuring a higher lifetime and durability. Copper rivets reinforce in the best possible way. They practically don’t rust yet aluminum ones provide a better look.


The belt is added to the roofing pouch for carrying it with the body. It is particularly essential to understand the clipping method or the attach and detachability of the pouch with the belt. The maximum and minimum size of the waist that the belt can fit should be considered before buying. Normally, it fits a 32-inch to 52-inch waist.

Resting Feature

The resting feature helps as indefinite resting leads to tools falling off the pouch. Kickstand for resting on the floor and clipping features for hanging on the wall will come in handy in this case. Otherwise, you may need to look for a strong tool belt suspender.

Extra Loops and Holders

Loops for special tools that help to access them faster which comes in handy while on a roofing work. It includes extra hammer loops and an electric tape sling. Also, in cases where you need to carry the roofing pouch by your hand, a handle is added to meet this demand. Look for them as they do not add too many bucks.

Best Roofing Pouches reviewed

Like bucket tool bags, these pouches also come with various benefits and defects. Thus, it makes choosing the best one which feeds your needs to become troublesome. For countering the issue, a list of some well-known roofing pouches is given to help your cause. These products are found based on user ratings and research which are sure to meet your demands.

1. ToughBuilt – Pro Framer Tool Belt Set – 3-Piece, Includes 1 Pouch


Having a big enough size, this product is a rugged framer pouch that comes with a belt and two heavy-duty hammer loops. Added the heavy-duty feature by using 6 layer rugs which will give you extra service in both lifetime and tool weight.

For the need of carrying different kinds of tools and the higher number of tools, the roofing pouch includes 10 pockets that are customized for fitting various tools. Also, it has three big pockets to hold bigger tools and easily carry them.

ClipTech is used as it can be fit to any belt using the clip. A kickstand is added to work while resting the pouch to a nearby floor or table which will provide extra ease of use while working. People issued that using the building design and easy use of this product, they could save up to 15-20 minutes.


  • Generally, the pouch is created considering people up to the height of 6inch.
  • Taller people can’t carry the bag properly.
  • Also, the metal attachments seem to come off after some days.

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2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1503 Small Electrical Maintenance Pouch


With the decent size and weight of only 7.8 ounces, this product is solely dedicated to carrying all of your electrical components. This roofing pouch ensures long life and durability as it is made of tough material of 600D polyester construction.

For ensuring your total availability of fitting all the electrical components of your daily necessities the roofing pouch provides 9 pockets with 3 internal pocket sleeves.

The size of the pockets is big enough that it fits your screwdriver with the head on top to help you find out the tools you need faster.

A belt clip is available in the pouch as it can fit any belt. Another feature the product provides is that it has detachable electrical tape sling so that you can easily carry and use tapes for your work.

Given all the facilities, this roofing pouch provides great support on electrical equipment mounting or fixing.


  • Edges where there should have been metal loops for support, there are only stitches present which can be considered as a weak point.
  • Also, not the one that you would want for heavy tools.

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3. Dickies 8-Pocket Padded Tool Belt/Utility Pouch


Big in both size and weight this product is a heavy-duty utility pouch. The big guy is constructed of heavy-duty gray and tan canvas. Added to that, the pockets are reinforced by webbing. Thus, this product ensures a durable life for any kind of usage.

Total no of 8 pockets are included with 4 interior ones which are quite roomy for fitting bigger tools. A carabiner for clip-on storage is added for carrying keys and such by clipping. It is a great feature that ensures the design is really compact and keeps all the tools close to your hand for accessing the tools faster.

The utility belt of this roofing pouch comes with its own facility as even a person having a waist of 56 inches’ can wear it. Also, the belt is made comfortable as it uses 3-inch padding for helping you carry heavy tools with comfort.

A heavy-duty plastic buckle is also added for ensuring belt durability. Overall, this roofing pouch is best in build quality.


  • There are issues with the buckle as it seems not strong enough to hold off the weight.
  • Also, the clip quality seemed not good enough.

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4. VETO PRO PAC TP4 Technician Tool Pouch


Average in both size and weight, this roofing pouch is for you if you are a professional or if you are using it on a daily basis.

Construction of the product is simply good as it uses leather trim panels and nylon is used as basic material. Thus, the manufacturer is confident in their product as they provide a warranty of 5 years.

Professional work requires a lot of tools and the bag provides a lot of spaces as well. As much as 20 pockets are available for fitting all the tools you need for any professional job. Two long side pockets are available for keeping frequently used tools closer to hand.

An extra feature is included as it can be clipped for hanging while not being used. Added with a detachable rubber grip handle for carrying the roofing pouch by hand. An additional nylon plastic belt is included for a strong carrying grip.


  • Though being rated for professionals, people think this product is too small for professional work.
  • Again, there is no place to keep electrical tapes.

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5. Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt in Brown


Having decent size and weight, this product should come to your choices if you are into DIY jobs, meaning doing it yourself. The body of the bag is made from 600 deniers poly ripstop which is strong enough. The given name of the pouch is justified as there are two bags present in the product.

Both of the bags ensure heavy tool carrying as the bottoms are reinforced, especially enduring high weight. The adjustable system is available for the pouch as the bags can be fit to the belt at the desired position.

Even though the belt is detachable, the pouch is built as a single body with an attached belt and loops.

The belt that is used for this pouch is an infinity belt that can fit up to a 52-inch waist.  Again, the pouch also adds loops for one steel hammer and another for long-handled tools. Overall, the roofing pouch does a great deal of covering your daily self-roofing work.


  • People with waist lower than 35inches seem to find this pouch too big for holding.
  • Also, the pouches don’t seem to be attached properly and fall off sometimes.

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Q: In what ways can a roofing pouch be carried?

Ans: Various roofing pouches can be carried in various ways according to the facilities it provides. In general, a belt is added for holding the pouch with it and wrapping the belt around your waist. Some roofing pouches come with handles for carrying them with your hand too.

Q: For which type of work should I buy a roofing pouch?

Ans: Roofing pouches come in handy on any work that might need multiple tools. This kind of work includes fixing something at higher places, carpeting or other crafty works. You need to do this kind of work more often or not. Thus, a roofing pouch should be kept in your inventory as a mandatory item as you will need it sooner or later.


Roofing works are to be done from time to time which requires multiple tools. Roofing pouches meet the necessity of having multiple tools at hand at your workplace.

As all the products mentioned above are best on their own, find the best roofing pouch for you by going through these suggestions. In case you only want to buy a roofing pouch to use from time to time without heavy usage, just simply go for ToughBuilt – Pro Framer Tool Belt Set – 3-Piece, Includes 1 Pouch.

As the product is simply great for the characteristics of being a good enough and durable pouch. Also, the product can carry all general tools and ensures your comfort at most.

If your need is for regular use or professional jobs, go for VETO PRO PAC TP4 Technician Tool Pouch without thinking twice as this product will give full value of your money. With the number of pockets and quality and not to mention the 5-year warranty, this product should fill all your needs.

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