Best scratch-resistant paint for tables, floors & stairs

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 12, 2022
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If you want to be sure that your woodwork can withstand scratches well, you have to respond to that. There are many products on the market that are suitable for this.

We are talking about a scratch-resistant paint. So a paint that is resistant to scratches when cured.

As it were, you should put it this way: The surface must be so hard that you don’t get scratched on it.


Scratch-resistant paint, countless applications

You have to think of floors, tables and stairs. They are sensitive to scratches. If you use a scratch-resistant paint for this, the result will remain more beautiful.

You can also talk about a paint that wears less. So a wear-resistant paint is also a scratch-resistant paint.

The paint manufacturers are making these lacquers better and better with all kinds of additions that ensure that your stairs, floor or table are well resistant to, among other things, walking on a floor or staircase.

You also have to deal with this on a table: children playing, cutlery and plates. It’s being worked hard on that. When you apply a wear-resistant paint there, you have less chance of wear. Painting stairs? Scratch-resistant paint is ideal for this!

Using the paint

The execution must of course be done properly: from sanding to the final coat. Depending on the layer or layers of paint on it. There are procedures for this.

The procedure for a painted table is as follows:

  • degrease
  • sand
  • remove dust
  • and apply 2 layers of scratch-resistant paint.

The procedure for an unpainted table is as follows:

  • degrease
  • sand
  • apply a primer layer
  • and 2 layers of wear-resistant paint.

Brands Scratch resistant paint

There are many paint brands that sell such paint. So is the history of Histor.

Histor is a brand known for its quality and has this perfect finish lacquer in silk and high gloss. This paint is very good scratch resistant and wear resistant.


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In addition to these properties, it is a well-covering paint and easy to work with. In addition to the quality, you also have to look at the price.

The price is now normally 41.99, but often has a high discount!

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