Best Sheet Metal Seamers reviewed

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  August 23, 2021
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Bringing precision to metal appliances, sheet metal seamers. Having control over the bends in your very own hands is a luxury very few tools offer. You can give your sheet metals the exact shape that you’re imagining.

We’ve brought forth some of the best sheet metal seamers to give you some critical analysis as to what their cons are and what upper hand it has on the rest. Simplistic mechanisms such as this have indeed a bunch of aspects to recognize the best i.e. the most suitable one for your purpose.


Sheet Metal Seamer buying guide

Before going on to the reviews it’s a prerequisite that you’ve accumulated some knowledge as to what might cause the sheet metal seamer to be futile or boost its utility and durability. Let’s overview the attributes thoroughly.


Build Quality

Sheet Metal Seamers have to deal with a large number of force to bend or form metals. So if its construction material does not consist of high-quality materials then the rivets will eventually break off. Sometimes the handle also breaks off due to the same reason.

A metal or steel body is a must if you are going to purchase any seamers.


Build quality & durability go hand in hand. The better the material being used; the more years the tool will serve you. But some small details really make a lot of differences. Like a finishing ointment on the material can prevent any sort of rust attacking the metal or steel.


Sheet Metal Seamers are hand tools, that you will be operating a lot if you are in the HVACR industry. So if you are working with a heavier tool, your hands will tire off soon. This degrades the efficiency of your work. Rather a lightweight seamer will give lesser stress to your hands as well as getting more work done.

Jaw Length

Jawline length is one of the main features of a seamer. If your work depends on a larger jawline, then you can go for the 6-inch seamers. But if not then the 3-inch seamer will do you fine.  Keep in mind that a larger jawline means more force to apply.

Jaw Depth

Jaw depth is also important as this will determine how much steel sheet can you bend. The larger the jaw the larger the depth of steel you can bend. But this comes at a cost as you have to apply more force to the steel. If there are alignment marks on the clampers, then it helps in fixing the desired line of steel you are bending.


You will be working on the handle a lot. So it is necessary that the handle has a rubberized grip. Bruises are just a couple of working hours ahead if you think bare hand working with seamers is not an issue. Without a grip the handle can even slip from your hand, causing accidents.

Best Sheet Metal Seamers reviewed

Let’s look at some of the leading Sheet Metal seamers with all the ups & downs they come with and compare them with what we have in our mind.

1. ABN Sheet Metal Hand Seamer

Standout features

Any Body Now(ABN) has designed this sheet metal seamer in sturdy metal construction. The width of the jaw is 3 inches & the seam depth is 1-1/4 inch. This makes the jaw span 3.2cm by 7.6cm, a neat surface to work with. The overall length of this tool is 8 inches.

The rivets holding together the handle & the jawline are quite strong. The pressure on these joints & even the operational range can be adjusted according to your needs. That’s why you can do heavy-duty bending in the metal & HVACR industry without any worries at all.

The handle is spring-loaded & accommodated with Dual-layer rubberized handles that provide the users with an excellent grip. Slipping the tool is very uncommon with these kinds of grips. The clamping surfaces of the tool are designed to give you the best results without the fear of any bumps on the sheet.

This tool is ISO, SGS & CE certified for user reliability. It is the perfect tool to work with if you are handling metal sheets for HVACR projects or Aluminum constructions or any metal folding for your works.


This sheet metal does require a lot of force to operate. After constant use of the tool, the nuts seem to loosen up a bit. So you need to make sure they are tightened.

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2. Wiss WS3 Straight Handle – HVAC Hand Seamer

Standout features

The Wiss WS3 is presented by Apex tools. The build quality of the sheet metal seamer is rigid & comes with its very own locking mechanism. With a 1-pound weight, the seamer has a dimension of 11.3x 3.3x 2.9 inches.

The jaw width of the seamer is 3 ¼ inches & the maximum seam depth it provides is 1 ¼ inch. It also has a depth marking of almost ¼ inch. The overall length of the seamer is 9 ¼ inches.

The handle of the seamer is designed in such a fashion that it gives maximum leverage to the clamping surface to work with. The non-slip cushion grip gives a comfortable grip & applies very less stress to the hand as you are applying the force to it.

This sheet metal seamer can work with 20-gauge steel without any hassle at all. The seamer will grip the metal evenly & the alignment marks on both sides of the clamper surface help a lot. It is perfect to work within HVAR systems for metal folding tasks.


The most annoying part of Wiss is that it rusts quickly. So you need to store the tool & make very less contact with water. The locking mechanism of the seamer also has some issues as it doesn’t work fine.

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3. Malco S3R Offset REDLINE Hand Seamer

Standout features

Malco has come up with its unorthodox ergonomic handle designed sheet metal seamer. Forged steel construction has made this tool amazingly durable. Too much force is not necessary while operating this tool.

The dimension of this tool is 12.8x 4.2x 4.5 inches & has an overall weight of 1 pound. Jaw width is 3-1/4 inch & the depth of the jaw is 1-1/4 inch. The overall length of the tool is 8 inches.

The standout feature of this seamer is the offset handle. Ergonomic handle outlines with a non-slip handle to ensure a neat fit in your hand. The handles are equipped with a rubberized grip so that it stays firmly to the hand.

The latches of the tool can easily be opened and closed so that you can perform a one-hand operation & the other to your work subject. This feature comes in very handy while working in HVAC sheet installations. The jaws are rated to bend most metals including Metal Gauge 22 Mild &24 Galvanized Steel


It has been reported that the handle tends to break if excessive force is applied. Sometimes the seamer also malfunctions while working.

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4. Crescent Wiss Straight Handle Hand Seamer – WS3N

Standout features

With an alloy steel construction, the Crescent Wiss is a great tool for bending metal sheets. Alloy steel clampers help produce a tight-fitting to the sheets so that you can do your work easily.

The overall dimension of the tool is 3.2 x 3.5 x 11.3 inches & the weight is 1.2 pounds. The jaw width is 3-1/4 inch or 8.2 cm & has a ¼ inch depth markings. The overall width of the sheet metal seamer is 9-1/4 inches.

The straight handle has been introduced by a crescent which gives you maximum leverage & greater operating ranges. Rubberized grips make it well suited for your hand to hold. The alignment indications on the clampers help a lot in fixing the alignment on both sides of the sheet.

These sheet metal seamers are ideal for working in industry sheet bending & flattening jobs. HVACR related tasks can also be completed with this professional-level tool.


The bolts of the joints become loose, as a result, the alignment of the clampers are ruined. Because of the clampers not coming together narrow edges are almost impossible to handle.

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5. Hurricane Straight Jaw Sheet Metal Hand Seamer

Standout features

Heavy-duty Steel build quality ensures that Hurricane sheet metal seamer delivers the level of durability & strength every user needs. The nickel-plated finishing over the tool ensures rust doesn’t affect the tool at all.

Hurricane has presented a sheet metal seamer with a larger jawline of almost 6 inches. The overall dimension of this monster jaw lined tool is 11.8 x 7.5 x 5.1 inches & weight is 2.11 pounds. The casting jawlines of the seamer is marked every ¼ inch for proper alignment of sheets.

A double-dipped grip has been added to the handle for the ultimate comfort of the users. Rivets holding together the jaw & handle are extremely strong. This powerful seamer can easily flatten or bend sheets of metal with its huge jaw.


The huge jaws are quite unbalanced because of the short leverage of the handles. This results in slipping of metal or losing the alignment. Edges are impossible with this sort of problem.

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Q: What tasks can I get done using sheet metal seamer?

Ans: Usually, the hand seamer is a tool to bend metal to the desired shape I want. You can easily bend or flatten or even produce shapes that may come in handy. The HVAC industry has a lot of work-related to these. They have to make accurate bends, the finishing of edges on sheets angling bends, all these can easily be performed with a sheet metal seamer. Just a tin snip along with it will provide you a perfect headstart as a DIYer.

Q: Will the clamping that holds the metal sheets leave a mark?

Ans: Usually, the clamping surface to seamers is smooth & flat. They have no textures on them. So they won’t leave any mark on your sheets.

Q: Will I need to apply more force to a longer jaw?

Ans: Yes, you have to apply more force if you are handling a longer jaw. Longer jaw means longer sheets you are working with. That means the larger the force needed to apply for bending the sheets.

Q: Do the nuts on the joints get loosen?

Ans: With excessive use sheets, metal seamer nuts tend to get loose. So, you need to check the nuts before use. If the nuts are loosed then the alignment of the sheet is hampered, as a result, the whole gets ruined.


Sheet metal seamers are an extremely useful tool in the steel sheet industry. They are perfection providers to the HVAC systems. Manufacturers are in a rush to develop tools with numerous features.

In our expert opinion if we were in your shoes then the Malco Offset Handed Seamer would be an ideal choice. With a unique one-hand latch design & ability to give better leverage to the users really comes standing off than others. The ABN Sheet metal seamer is not far behind with its powerful jaws to finish HVAC tasks easily.

If you are looking for a larger jaw, then you can look at the Hurricane Metal Seamer. Ultimately it comes down to your preference of what kind of feature you are looking for. Be sure to see all the possible choices to find the best sheet metal seamer.

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