3 best ways to remove paint from ALL surfaces

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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There are several ways to remove paint from surfaces (such as glass and stone) that have already been painted.
You have to wonder why that paint has to be removed. This could be for several reasons.

How to remove paint with an air gun

Firstly, because the old floor is peeling. Secondly, because there are too many layers of paint on a surface or substrate. If there are too many layers on, for example, a window frame, the rack will be removed and can no longer regulate moisture. Third, you want it because your paint job was done many years ago and you want to set it up from scratch. So apply two primer coats and two final coats. (outside)

How do you remove the paint?

There are 3 methods to remove old paint.

Remove paint with a stripping solution

The first way is to work with a stripping solution. You apply a solution to the old coat of paint and let it soak. Pay attention to what background it is. You cannot do this on PVC. After soaking, you can scrape off the old layers of paint with a sharp paint scraper until the surface becomes bare. Then you will have to sand lightly to sand away the small residues for a smooth result. After that you can apply paint layers again.

Remove paint with sanding

You can also remove paint by sanding. Especially with a sander. This work is somewhat more intensive than the above method. You start with coarse sandpaper with grit 60. When you start to see bare wood, continue sanding with grit 150 or 180. Make sure that some residue remains. You will sand the last remnants of the paint layer with 240-grit sandpaper so that your surface is smooth. After this you are ready for the new painting.

Remove old paint with a hot air gun

As a final method, you can remove paint with a hot air gun or also called a paint burner. You must then proceed very carefully and be careful not to touch the bare surface. Start with the lowest setting and increase it slowly. As soon as the old paint starts to curl, take a paint scraper to scrape it off. You keep going until you see the bare surface. Sand off the last paint remnants with 240-grit sandpaper. What you should pay special attention to is that you place the hot air gun on a concrete surface while scraping. If the surface is even, you can start painting again. If you want to know exactly how to burn off paint, read on here.

Buying a hot air gun

This is quite a powerful machine with which you can quickly and easily remove your paint. The gun is easy to use and has two speeds with which you can regulate the temperature and the amount of air. In addition, there are many mouthpieces from wide to narrow. You can start right away because a paint scraper is supplied as standard. The power is 200 W. Everything is nicely stored in a suitcase.

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