Fence: the boundary that gives you privacy, peace, and quiet

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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An obstacle marking a delimitation of land. For a home, this usually means a fence that disconnects your yard from that of your neighbour.

Fence for a feeling of privacy and a fence you can place and paint yourself.

A fence is great to have.

After all, you can walk around freely in your own garden without being disturbed.

It therefore offers a lot of privacy around your house.

In addition, a fence offers protection for your garden furniture.

It makes you feel safe.

You can create a terrace in every corner so that you can sit or rest undisturbed.

You can also make it beautiful by hanging flower boxes on it.

There are many types of fences.

Nowadays there are a range of options when it comes to fences.

There is the normal straight fence of many types of wood such as spruce, pine, oak, Douglas, hard wood and natural products such as bark, reed and bamboo.

In addition, there are many arch fences in many variations.

What you also see a lot are the wood-concrete systems.

The foundation and the posts are made of concrete and between them is wood.

What is also in nowadays are the composite fences.

This is made of a kind of hard PVC.

The posts are made of aluminum.

This has a very luxurious feel and is maintenance-free.

Keep in mind that this is pricey.

Another type are mesh panels through which plates grow later

You can then finish all wooden fences with a color or transparent paint.

Make your own demarcation.

You can buy ready-made fences at hardware stores.

The sizes are then usually 180 centimeters wide and up to 200 centimeters high.

In addition, you buy posts and special aluminum points to put in the ground.

You could do this yourself. Often this is impregnated and you cannot paint right away.

However, there is 1 exception that does.

It is a matte paint, which you can compare with a stain called moose farg.

Read the article about moose farg here.

If your budget is not sufficient for this, you could look at marktplaats.

There are many protections offered.

You can also go to a scrap yard to buy scrap wood.

Among other things, scaffolding wood is a fashion trend that you can use to make a nice fence.

After that you can get started.

You may not be adept at building a fence yourself.

You can then browse for work spots, detectives or a marketplace that can help you with that.

Or maybe there is a neighbor who can assist you.

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