Fire-retardant paint: the life-saver, even in the home

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Fire-retardant paint blocks heat and with a fire-retardant paint you have more time to leave the room.

When refurbishing a house, walls are often coated with a latex paint and the woodwork painted with a paint.

With a view to fire protection, a fire-retardant paint is a godsend.

After all, paint that dries is also combustible.

This also applies to the latex paint.

I am always happy to hear that new techniques are always being invented.

Such as fire retardant paint.

The knife cuts both ways here.

You can quickly leave the room and the material burns less quickly so that you can still save it with water if necessary.

Fire retardant paint provides protection.

A fire-retardant paint offers protection.

By that I mean for yourself and the material.

Especially yourself is of course important.

But also your home, right?

You don’t want to lose something that you have invested a lot of money in.

I’ve experienced it myself in the past and it hurts.

Met sometimes says that in the fire is out of the fire.

Nothing is less true.

A house can of course be rebuilt.

But it is the stuff you keep in the attic that has an emotional value to it.

These can therefore never be replaced.

One paint delays up to 120 minutes.

A paint can slow down the fire for quite some time.

There are paints on the market that have a delay of between 90 and 120 minutes.

This is mainly applied to steel plates.

Just think of a fireplace with a steel plate around it.

The effect is that a chemical change takes place at high temperatures.

This changes the thin paint layer into an insulating layer.

As a result, it takes longer before the fire affects the material.

Long-term tests have been preceded here in order to achieve a good result.

A paint that slows down on wood.

A  paint  that also slows down the market  and that also retards the flammability of wood.

This is a special coating.

This paint is from Rudolf Hensel.

If you type on Google: fire retardant paint by Rudolf Hensel you can find more information about this.

When delaying wood, the words are not spoken in minutes, but in mm.

It also depends on the type of wood you are painting.

Depending on those two factors, the wood burns less quickly.

The  places where   you can apply that product .

You have to ask yourself where you put that paint.

What is the most obvious.

Personally I would put a fire retardant paint around a fireplace.

That seems the most logical to me.

In addition, a kitchen is a second place.

After all, cooking is done on gas and this is accompanied by fire and flame.

It is also a place in your house where you often sit together comfortably.

A third option I would choose for a bedroom.

True there is no fire but still.

I would choose that for myself to apply a fire retardant paint.

Just the idea.

It creates a safe feeling of course.

If you also have a smoke detector in your bedroom, at least you will have a quiet night!

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