Flexa paint is always inspiring

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 15, 2022
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Flexa is a well-known brand in the Netherlands and flexa has many choices in colors.

Flexa is one of the best-known paint brands in the Netherlands.

This paint brand is known for its different color collections.

Flexa paint

I will hereby name a few well-known ones: tight in the paint, Couleur Locale and tight on the wall.

They help you well in choosing a color.

After all, choosing a color is not easy.

When you move into a new home, you want colors to appear in that home.

The brand is then a good support for choosing your interior ideas.

Popularly, almost everyone knows what flexa colors mean.

In addition, they give you good advice which product you should choose when refurbishing a house, for example.

A product of Akzo Nobel.

This paint brand is made at Akzo Nobel.

This is a very large company that does paints, varnishes and a lot of chemical research.

This company has offices in 80 countries.

Sikkens paint is also part of the Akzo Nobel group.

Naturally, flexa also has paints for outside and inside.

I have a good experience with a paint.

I have previously written a blog about painting tiles in the bathroom.

I have used tile paint for this several times.

This tile paint is scratch-resistant and impact-resistant and is extremely suitable for painting tiles.

The advantage of this paint is that you do not need a primer.

Previously this was necessary.

Read my article about painting tiles here.

Two useful tools.

One is: find your product.

You have to fill in what you are going to paint and whether it is outside or inside.

Then you have to fill in the form on which surface you are going to paint.

And finally, you choose the finish (matte, satin gloss, etc.).

After this, a product will appear with the properties that are intended for it.

Very handy.

The second tool on Flexa’s website is the Visualizer App.

This is a free app with which you can immediately see your room or wall live.

And then you can choose a color to your own taste.

You can then choose colors that match your furniture and curtains.

Then watch it live and if you have chosen a color you can order it.

A handy tool for your tablet or smartphone.

There is really a lot to say about this paint brand.

I can now give a summary of what is in the collection, but I will not.

Would like to know if you have had good experiences with flexa.

Flexa colors

Flexa colors app and with Flexa colors you have direct access to color schemes wherever you are.

Take a fresh look at your home.

Why let an architect decide on your Flexa colours.

It is better to choose your Flexa colors yourself than someone else.

Create your own special colorways and choose a color outside your comfort zone.

Look beyond what you see, let your imagination run wild.

You can achieve this very well with Flexa colours!

Download Flexa colors now for free.

You can now download Flexa colors for free.

Technology does not stand still and Flexa is also working on product development to make it as easy as possible for the consumer.

Flexa has developed the Flex Visualizer App for this.

With this App there are many possibilities.

From now on you can immediately see the effect of a new color live with your tablet or smartphone.

The App has a certain technology where you can apply all Flexa colors with a tap on the screen.

This is awesome.

You no longer have to go out to pick out colors or whatever.

Simply choose Flexa colors from the comfort of your home.

So what you have to do is turn on your smartphone or tablet camera.

You can view what you want to change the color of a room with the App ‘live’: your own living room or bedroom or any room.

You can also save recordings and share them with your friends.

With this App you have direct access to all kinds of color schemes.

This App can be used on Android and Apple. And the nice thing is that the App is also free!

I hope you enjoy this a lot and that you give your interior a facelift with this Flexa Colors App.

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