Frames: what are they?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 11, 2022
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A frame is a support structure that holds something in place. This is often a window, but also a door or even pictures can be held in place by a frame.

It is typically made of wood, metal, or plastic, and it can be either interior or exterior. The frame must be strong enough to support the weight of the window and keep it from sagging or breaking. It also helps to insulate the window and keep out drafts.

Wooden window frames

You use wooden frames in your home and wooden frames must be maintained regularly.

When you are going to build a house, you have to make choices in advance.

Which stone you want, which roof tiles and which frames you choose.

You can choose from plastic frames, aluminum frames and wooden frames.

You will certainly look at the price and you will see that wooden frames are more expensive than plastic frames.

Aluminum windows are the most expensive.

You can then make your choice based on a price.

What also counts, of course, is the appearance.

Wooden frames give your home a warm look and add value.

In addition, they are easier to work with and have a long service life.

Personally, I opt for a hard wooden frame.

This is because this is much stronger wood and resistant to weather influences.

Well-known varieties are merbau and meranti.

A different type of wood is usually used for indoors.

After all, these windows are not dependent on the weather.

Spruce and pine wood is often used for indoors.

Making a choice is always personal.

It’s the addition of pluses and minuses.

If you are handy, the choice is quickly made.

Wooden frames which paint system do you choose

If you would like to continue to see the structure of the wood, choose a transparent lacquer or stain.

If you want to put a color on it, you will do this with a paint based on turpentine.

I am now talking about the outside of the window frames.

Use acrylic paint for the inside.

You have to realize that wooden frames need regular maintenance.

You should assume that every 6 to 7 years you have to paint a new coat of paint over it.

With this you optimally maintain the condition of the frames.

If you are going to use stain, you will have to do this every three or four years.

In addition, it is very important that you clean your wooden windows twice a year with an all-purpose cleaner.

If you do this regularly you will see that your periodic painting can be postponed.

So you need less maintenance.

It is also important that you carry out an inspection every year.

That means that every year you walk around your house and write down the defects.

These can be cracks or tears.

You often see this in the corners of the window frames.

Then solve this immediately by applying acrylic sealant so that no water can get in.

After all, you can paint over acrylic sealant.

If you cannot do this yourself, have a painter do this work.

If you always carry out these two aforementioned points, you will see that your paintwork remains in top condition!

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