Gamma Chain of DIY Stores: Everything You Need to Know About Its History and Products

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 25, 2022
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The Gamma chain of DIY stores is a great place to find all sorts of tools and materials for your home projects. But what is it exactly?

The Gamma chain of DIY stores is a Dutch DIY store chain founded in 1971 in Breda, the Netherlands. It’s the largest chain of DIY stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, with 245 stores in the Netherlands and 164 in Belgium. It’s also one of the largest hardware chains in Europe.

Let’s look at what Gamma is, how it got started, and why it’s so successful. Plus, I’ll cover some of the most popular DIY projects people take on at Gamma.

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Gamma: The Ultimate DIY Destination

Gamma is a chain of hardware stores that offers a wide range of do-it-yourself (DIY) products and services. It was founded on May 11, 1971, in Breda, Netherlands, and has since become a household name for DIY enthusiasts in the country.

What Makes Gamma Stand Out?

Gamma is not just any hardware store chain. Here are some reasons why it stands out from the rest:

  • Gamma has a vast selection of products, from power tools to paint and everything in between.
  • The stores are designed to be DIY-friendly, with clear signage and helpful staff who are always ready to assist customers.
  • Gamma offers a range of services, including tool rental, paint mixing, and key cutting.
  • The stores have a unique layout that makes it easy for customers to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Where is Gamma’s Headquarters Located?

Gamma’s franchise organization, Intergamma, is headquartered in Leusden, Netherlands. This is where the company’s top executives and support staff work to ensure that all Gamma stores operate smoothly and efficiently.

How Many Stores Does Gamma Have?

As of 2011, Gamma had 245 stores, with 164 located in the Netherlands and 81 in Belgium. This means that there is likely a Gamma store near you, no matter where you are in these countries.

Why Choose Gamma for Your DIY Needs?

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your DIY needs, Gamma is the place to go. Here are some reasons why:

  • Gamma offers a vast selection of products and services, making it easy to find everything you need in one place.
  • The stores are designed to be DIY-friendly, with helpful staff and a layout that makes it easy to find what you need.
  • Gamma’s prices are competitive, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.
  • The company is committed to sustainability, so you can feel good about shopping there.

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or just starting, Gamma is the ultimate destination for all your hardware needs.

The Origins of Gamma: A Dutch DIY Chain

Gamma, the Dutch hardware store-chain, was born on May 11, 1971, in the city of Breda. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who saw the need for a one-stop-shop for all things DIY. They wanted to offer a wide range of products and services to customers who were looking to improve their homes and gardens.

Intergamma: The Franchise-Organisation

Intergamma is the franchise-organisation that owns Gamma. It is headquartered in Leusden, a city in the Netherlands. Intergamma was created to manage the expansion of the Gamma chain and to ensure that all stores operate under the same standards and guidelines.

Growing Presence in the Netherlands and Belgium

As of 2011, Gamma has 245 stores, of which 164 are located in the Netherlands and 81 in Belgium. The company’s growth has been steady over the years, and it has become a household name in both countries. Gamma’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service.

Karwei: Another Hardware Store-Chain Owned by Intergamma

Intergamma also owns another hardware store-chain called Karwei. Karwei is similar to Gamma in that it offers a wide range of products and services for DIY enthusiasts. However, Karwei has a slightly different focus, catering more to interior design and home decor. Having two chains under its umbrella allows Intergamma to reach a wider audience and offer more specialized products and services.

In conclusion, Gamma’s success story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and innovation. Starting as a small hardware store in Breda, it has grown to become a leading DIY chain in the Netherlands and Belgium. With Intergamma at the helm, Gamma is poised to continue its growth and expansion in the years to come.


Gamma is a Dutch DIY chain with stores all over the Netherlands and Belgium. They’re a great destination for anyone looking to improve their home or garden. 

They’re a great place to get all the tools and products you need for DIY projects, and their staff is ready to help you with whatever you need. So don’t hesitate and go to Gamma for all your diy needs.

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