Hammerite paint: long-lasting metal paint fix for rust

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 21, 2022
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Hammerite can go directly over rust and hammerite paint is a 3 pot system.

Normally if you want to paint over metal, for example, you have to work according to a procedure.

You always have to deal with rust.

Hammerite paint

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Metal that is constantly under weather influences will eventually rust.

Even if you want to paint new metal, you have to paint three layers.

A primer, an undercoat and a finishing coat.

That costs you a lot of time and energy and therefore also a lot of material.

After all, you start with the existing, already painted metal, first removing the rust with a wire brush.

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Then you have three more passes.

You do not need this with hammerite paint.

That paint is a three in one formula where you can paint directly over the rust.

This saves you a lot of time and costs.

Hammerite paint has proven itself for a long time.

The durability of this product is therefore many years.

Hammerite paint gives good protection.

Hammerite paint gives you good protection against your ornamental fencing.

On some surfaces you have to give an extra treatment.

For example, on non-ferrous metals you must first apply an adhesive primer or multiprimer.

You can use hammerite paint for indoor and outdoor use.

I’ll give you a breakdown in this.

For outdoor use these are the following products: metal lacquer, heat-resistant lacquer, metal varnish and adhesive primer.

For indoor use: radiator paint and radiator pipes.

Of course what you can use for the outside you can also use for the inside.

In addition, you cannot directly apply hammerite paint to a radiator.

You will need to apply an anti-rust paint first.

This is because a radiator naturally gets hot.

Hammerite also has a colorless paint, namely the metal varnish.

This is a high gloss paint that beautifies your metal.

The anti-rust primer is therefore a primer and primer at the same time.

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