How to clean a paint roller so you can keep it for a long time

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 22, 2022
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Cleaning paint roller

Clean the paint roller with water and keep it dry immediately after cleaning the paint roller.

Before you start painting or painting a wall, always make sure you have a clean paint roller.

How to clean a paint roller

Cleaning a paint roller is therefore a first priority.

We therefore talk about cleaning a paint roller that has previously been used to paint a wall.

A latex paint consists mostly of water.

That is why you can gently clean a paint roller with cold water.

Do not do this with lukewarm or warm water.

When you do this, the latex will clump and stick to your paint roller.

Then it becomes a lot more difficult to clean it.

Cleaning paint roller with my method

Cleaning a paint roller with my method is quick and effective.

First remove the roller from the bracket.

Scrub the bracket clean first.

Then the

Hold the paint roller under a running tap and make a depression with your thumb and forefinger.

Run this paint roller through that cavity in a circular motion.

Squeeze out the rest of the latex with your thumb and forefinger.

Do this from top to bottom.

Repeat this as often as possible until you see that no more latex residue comes out, just water.

At that point, the paint roller is clean.

After that, take the paint roller out and shake it out with the remaining water.

Then place it on the heating and turn the roller regularly.

When the roller is dry, you can store it in a dry place.

This way you can enjoy your paint roller a lot and you can still use it often.

Which one of you also has your own method of cleaning a paint roller?

I’m very curious about which method you use!

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