How to Get A Handyman License in Florida

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 3, 2022
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In this day and age, being a handyman requires more than just the skills and training to perform the task required at construction sites. There are specific laws regarding licensing and jurisdiction that you have to follow, depending on your location.

If you want to get into this business, whether as an individual or a company altogether, you need to get a license for your specific region. In this article, we will give you a basic overview of this line of business and how to get a handyman license in the state of Florida.


What are the Requirements for Being a Handyman?

Before you get into all the nitty-gritty sections of the law, first let us see what the skills of a handyman are. A handyman is typically a laborer who is skilled in an assortment of work related to any type of repair, maintenance, or construction. It can be as simple as changing a lightbulb to as complicated as working in a building.

You do need adequate knowledge about the ins and outs of several subjects before you can claim to be a skilled handyman. Whether your field of choice is electronics or construction, you need to be prepared to take on any task that is required of you.

Some basic tasks that you can take a look at are:

  • Machine maintenance
  • Painting and installation of drywall
  • Tile repair, or installation
  • Carpentry job
  • Lighting or fan installation
  • Air conditioner maintenance, repair, or installation

How to Get A Handyman License in Florida?

Florida is a bit lenient when it comes to doing some basic handyman tasks. It does not restrict your job as long as you do not take on too much of a complicated project. There are some limitations, but most basic tasks are free for you to take on.

If your goal is to start a business, then it might be worth getting a contractor’s license. In that case, the following steps will help you get your license.

  • Create a business name – First thing first, you need a proper name for your company along with a business card before you can apply for a license. So pick out a name for your handyman company.
  • Get a licensing information packet – You can get this from the board of contractors of your state, in this case, Florida. All the information regarding your name registry with the country will be stated in the information packet.
  • Get application forms The next step is to get the business license application form. You can find it in your state’s office of small business affairs.
  • Submit the paperwork  There might be some fees involved in this step. After submitting the paperwork and paying the fees, there may be a waiting period of around 4-6 weeks.
  • LLC – LLC means a limited liability company. Once you have got your license, you need to establish it as an LLC to start your business.

Following the steps above, you should be able to get your contractor’s license in the state of Florida. It would allow you to take on any type of handyman tasks without any repercussions or breaking any laws.

Limitations of Not Having A Handyman License in Florida

As we already mentioned above, Florida does not take prisoners on basic handyman tasks. However, there are some limitations when it comes to which services you can provide. If you do not want to get a license, since it can take some time and hassle, you can do most basic tasks just fine.

But the followings tasks are completely off-limits if you do not get some type of contractor’s license in the state of Florida.

  • Any form of electrical works (installing an air conditioner, or a water heater)
  • Any type of Plumbing jobs (installing a dishwasher, or working on swimming pools)
  • You cannot work on foundations or structural walls (building a barn or a building)
  • Heating, ventilation, and cooling
  • Alarm system installation or maintenance.
  • Asbestos moderation

Final Thoughts

Getting a handyman license may seem like a chore, but if you want to start a legitimate business, it is a step that you should not avoid. Even in Florida, a state known for its handyman leniency has some rules when it comes to the type of job you can undertake.

We hope you could make good use of the information in our guide on how to get a handyman license in Florida. With some patience and legwork, you can now get your contractor’s license and start your small business successfully.

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