How to Open a Trunk with a Screwdriver

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 20, 2022
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If the trunk latch gets jammed or if it is crashed you will have to face problems. But if you have a flathead screwdriver you can solve your problem.
The most common method of opening a trunk with a screwdriver is opening the trunk from inside the car. You also can try to open the trunk from outside the car but the second method is not as effective as the first one.

Method 1: Opening a Trunk with a Screwdriver from Inside

First, you have to open the car to open the trunk from inside. If your car is locked then you have to use the screwdriver to open it first and then you can use the same screwdriver to open the trunk

7 Steps to Open a Trunk

Step 1: Open the Car Door

Wedge the door and the frame apart inserting the screwdriver. It is better to insert the screwdriver from a safe distance of the hinges so that the door of the car or the locking mechanism doesn’t get damaged.
Then insert a coat hanger through the opening made by the screwdriver and try to reach the unlocking key. If a coat hanger is not available then you can use any other tool that is long, strong, and can bend if needed. Now remove the screwdriver first and then remove the coat hanger or any other tool that you have used.  Then open the door. If you don’t remove the screwdriver and the coat hanger before opening the door you may end up breaking the locking mechanism of your car. So, be careful.

Step 2: Get Into the Car

Get into your car
Now, you can get into the car to proceed to the main part of the operation.

Step 3: Push the Car’s Front Seat Forward

Car front seat forward
Collapse the front seat of your car so that you can push them forward. Push the front seats forward as much as possible so that you can create enough space.

Step 4: Remove the Back Seat

Remove the back seat
There is a bolt in one of the two sides of the back seats. Lift the bottom of the back seats and locate the bolt. Remove the bolt using a wrench. Now you can remove the bottom and back of the seat. If there is any insulation remove that too.

Step 5: Crawl Inside the Trunk

Crawl inside the trunk and shed some light using a flashlight. If you don’t have a flashlight, don’t worry – use the flashlight of your phone to shed light.

Step 6: Locate the Metal Bar

Locate metal back seat bar
There is a horizontal metal bar located near the loc of the trunk. If you find that bar you are almost done. You will also notice a box on the bar.

Step 7: Turn the Box Clockwise

You can access the box using the screwdriver. Turn the box clockwise to open it and the work is complete – the trunk is open. Now return everything to the original placement and come out.

Method 2: Opening a Trunk With a Screwdriver from Outside

Use the screwdriver to try and pry opening the trunk’s lock by wedging your way left and right. Do it until the trunk is opened. This method needs a lot of patience and the success rate is also very low. On the other hand, the possibility of damaging the trunk by applying this method is very high. Your screwdriver may break and you may also get hurt.

Final Words

Using the right screwdriver is very important. So, before heading to the operation check the head of the screwdriver. According to my opinion, it is better to avoid the second method and choose the first one. If you cannot do the first method better take help from the professional. When there is no other path open to you except choosing the second method only then I will suggest you choose the second method. But you must be very careful.

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