How to paint a laminate floor +VIDEO

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 23, 2022
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paint a laminate floor

all-purpose cleaner
floor wiper
Sandpaper 180
Vacuum cleaner
adhesive cloth
Acrylic brush patent
Felt roller 10 cm
paint tray
stirring stick
Acrylic primer
Acrylic PU lacquer: scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

Clear the space completely
Vacuuming the laminate
Put water in bucket
Add 1 cap of all-purpose cleaner in bucket
Stir the mixture
Moisten the squeegee with it
Cleaning the floor
Sand the laminate with a sander
Make everything dust-free: brush, vacuum and wipe with a tack cloth
Apply base coat with brush and roller
Then apply 2 layers of lacquer (sand lightly in between and make it dust-free)

Laminate can be painted with a wear-resistant and scratch-resistant paint.

You can also have it painted by an affordable craftsman! Click here for a free and non-binding quote!

When painting laminate, you have to ask yourself why you want to do this.

Do you do this to save costs or do you want to create a different effect.

If you want to save costs, you have to take a good look at what new laminate costs and what you have to spend on paint.

You should not count the work that you have, say painting the laminate.

After all, if you want different laminate, I also have to remove the old one and lay the new laminate.

If you want to give the laminate a facelift, you can choose a type of chalk paint or you want it covered with a glossy finish.

If you choose to get a different effect, you can use a chalk paint.

This is called Anie Slogan Chalk Paint.

Learn more about chalk paint.

Paint laminate with a wear-resistant paint
paint laminate

Laminate painting or painting is best done with scratch and wear-resistant paint.

Sikkens paint, Sigma paint or Koopmans paint has very suitable paints for this.

There is always a lot of walking on a floor and furniture is moved.

For moving furniture, especially chairs, it is best to stick felt pads underneath.

Always use quality paint outside for a floor!

Before you start, degrease the floor well with an all-purpose cleaner.

I myself use B-clean for this because I don’t have to rinse.

When you have finished degreasing, you can sand the floor with a sander.

Use 120-grit sandpaper for this.

Then you remove all the dust with a vacuum cleaner and again with a slightly damp cloth over the floor, so that you are sure that the floor is free of dust.

Before you start painting, close all windows and doors.

After this you start with a primer that is especially suitable for smooth floors such as laminate.

A universal primer is sufficient.

Then lightly sand the base coat and make it dust-free again.

Then apply a scratch-resistant alkyd paint with a roller.

You also use the same paint when painting a table.

I would choose silk gloss.

Then let the paint harden well and apply a second coat.

Don’t forget to sand between coats!

If you want to have a good and strong result, I recommend to apply 3 layers.

After that, the main thing is to harden the paint well.

This is usually indicated on the paint can.

The longer you wait the better.

Pete deVries.


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