How to paint a stone wall: perfect for outdoors

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Painting stones :

painting according to a sequence and with stones you get a completely different look of your outside wall.

When painting stones, you immediately see a total change to your home.

How to paint a stone wall

Because let’s be honest when the stones were still red or yellow, it was not so noticeable.

When you sauce this with a light color, you get a completely different image and appearance of your home.

Especially if you are going to paint all the walls of your home.

You immediately see that large surfaces are changing in your home.

This compared to the woodwork, which is much less.

When painting stones, you must first check the walls.

Before you start painting, you have to do some work beforehand.

One of those activities is that you first have to check the walls around.

By this I mean checks on, among other things, the joints.

If they are loose, you will have to remove and restore them first.

You will also need to look for any cracks.

You will then have to repair these cracks.

It doesn’t really matter what color material gets into those cracks.

After all, you are going to paint the stones later.

Before you start painting rock, you must first clean it well.

Before painting stones, you must first clean the wall well.

Use here for a scrubber and a pressure washer.

Pour a little all-purpose cleaner into the water of the pressure washer.

This way you also immediately degrease the wall.

Make sure all green deposits go off the walls.

When you’re done, rinse the entire wall again with lukewarm water.

You can of course also do this with the pressure washer.

Then you wait a few days for the walls to dry and then you can continue.

Impregnate before treating the stones.

You can’t just start painting right away.

The first step you need to do is impregnate the wall.

This impregnating agent ensures that the water that comes from outside does not penetrate your walls.

So you keep your inner wall dry with this.

After all, the outer wall is constantly affected by weather influences.

Water and moisture in particular are one of the greatest enemies of painting.

When you have finished impregnating, you must wait at least 24 hours before you can continue.

A primer is to eliminate the suction effect.

Before you start to sauce, you will first have to apply a primer latex.

This primer must of course be suitable for outdoor use.

Ask about this at the paint store.

This primer latex ensures that your outer wall does not absorb the latex completely into the wall.

After you have applied this primer, wait at least 24 hours again to finish everything.

For a wall   use a wall paint.

For a wall, use a wall paint that is suitable for outside.

You can also choose between water-based latex paint or synthetic-based latex paint.

Both are possible.

The latter usually has a small shine on it, while you do not have that on a water-based basis.

Be well informed or by a painting company or a paint store.

It is best to apply the latex with two people.

One person works with a brush and the other goes after it with a fur roller.

This prevents deposits in your painting.

Assume that you need to apply at least two layers of latex.

Perhaps a third layer is sometimes necessary.

You have to look at this locally.

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