How to paint a dropped (suspended) ceiling

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 18, 2022
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You can treat a suspended or dropped ceiling and paint a suspended ceiling with the right latex.

A system ceiling is a ceiling with structure plates.

How to paint a suspended ceiling

A metal construction is made beforehand in which these plates fit exactly.

Afterwards you can simply make a lighting in a plate or smoke detectors.

You often see or saw them in public buildings such as schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals and so on.

Over time, these plates can discolor and need to be refreshed.

Or if there has been a leak, you can solve this problem by applying a latex paint.

Painting a suspended ceiling with 2 options

You can paint a suspended ceiling with 2 options.

First of all, you use a latex paint for this.

Just make sure you buy a good latex that you can dilute with water later.

I say this because with a cheaper latex you have to sauce everything twice.

A somewhat more expensive latex covers in one go.

Even when you add water.

You should also not apply too thick a latex.

Otherwise your structure in your plate will be less .

Hence a dilution with water of approximately 15%.

When you are going to sauce a suspended ceiling, you first remove the plate.

Then you degrease it well.

Do not use too much water, because the panels of a suspended ceiling are porous.

After this you can apply the latex.

Secondly, you can also treat the plates with a chalk paint

This chalk paint ensures that the structure does not close.

You can then apply this in several times.

If you’re working on a suspended ceiling, I would also clean those metal frames.

The whole then becomes fresh again.

You can of course also paint the metal frames with a lacquer paint.

You must first apply a multi-primer before painting.

In this case I would opt for an acrylic paint  in high gloss or satin gloss.

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