How to paint a wooden floor: it’s a challenging job

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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How to paint a wooden floor

Bucket, cloth and all-purpose cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Sander and sandpaper grit 80, 120 and 180
Acrylic primer
Acrylic paint wear-resistant
acrylic primer and lacquers
Paint tray, synthetic flat brush and felt roller 10 centimeters
Vacuum the entire floor
Sand with a sander: first with grit 80 or 120 (if the floor is really rough then start with 80)
Dusting, vacuuming and wet wiping
Close windows and doors
Apply primer; on the sides with a brush, rest with felt roller
After curing: lightly sand with 180 sandpaper, remove dust and wipe wet
Apply lacquer
After curing; light sanding, 180 grit dust-free and wet wipe
Apply a second coat of lacquer and let it cure for 28 hours, then use carefully.

Painting a wooden floor is a challenging job.

It brings a lot of changes and the floor gets a nice look.

You get a completely different picture of that room where you are going to paint a wooden floor.

In general, a light color is chosen.

The paint that you should choose should be stronger than the paint that you paint on a door frame or door.

By this I mean that you buy a paint with a high wear resistance.

After all, you walk over it every day.


In addition to giving you a beautiful appearance, it also expands your surface if you choose a light color.

You can of course also opt for a dark color.

What is very trendy these days are the colors black and gray.

Depending on your furniture and walls, you will choose a color.

Still, the trend is to paint a wooden floor in opaque white or something off white: off-white (RAL 9010).


The first thing to do is to vacuum properly.

Then degrease.

Wooden floors can be painted.

When the floor has dried properly, roughen the floor with a sander.

Sand from coarse P80 to fine P180.

Then vacuum all the dust and wipe the entire floor wet again.

You then know for sure that there are no longer any dust particles on the floor.


The procedure for painting wooden floors is as follows:

Before you start priming and topcoating, close all windows and doors so that no dust gets in.

Use a water-based paint as it will yellow less compared to the alkyd paints.

Do not use a cheap primer, but a more expensive one.

There are many types of primer with a high quality difference.

The cheaper primer contains many fillers that are really useless, because they will powder.

The more expensive types contain much more pigment and these are filling.

Use a brush and roller to apply the first coat.

Allow the paint to cure properly.

Apply the first coat of paint before lightly sanding and wiping with a damp cloth.

Choose a silk gloss for this.

Then apply a second and third coat.

Again: give the floor a rest by giving it enough time to harden.

If you stick to this, you will enjoy your beautiful floor for a long time to come!


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