How to paint a zinc drainpipe: complete downpipe makeover!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Paint zinc drainpipe

Painting a zinc downspout enhances the look and you can paint a zinc downspout with the right preparation.

A zinc downspout always adds much more value to your home than a PVC downpipe.

How to paint a zinc drainpipe

I am therefore quickly inclined to paint a PVC drainpipe and not a drainpipe that consists of zinc.

Often all wood parts are painted outdoors and then you see the downspouts unpainted.

That just doesn’t complete the job.

If you are going to paint a zinc drainpipe, you must know which primer (check out these reviews) to use, otherwise your paint layer will peel off quickly. The paint system afterwards is also very important to get a good end result.

  You paint a zinc drainpipe with the right surface

You must treat a zinc drainpipe with the right primer.

The first thing to do is degrease well. I use an all-purpose cleaner, B-clean. I use this because it doesn’t foam and you don’t have to rinse it. It is also biodegradable, which is good for the environment.

Degreasing removes salts and patina skin. These must be removed thoroughly otherwise you will not get a good bond.

Then you sand the zinc downspout well with grit P120 and make it dust-free. Use a zinc primer as a primer. Then lightly sand for the final coat. For this you need to take an alkyd metal paint that is suitable for outside.

Apply at least 3 coats. If you apply too few layers, the zinc will quickly corrode under the paint layer and this will push the paint off, as it were.

Make sure you use the same color as that of the wood parts. When the zinc drainpipe is painted, the picture is complete.

Have you ever painted a zinc drainpipe?

Let me know by leaving a comment below this article so we can all share.

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