How to paint aluminum frames

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 25, 2022
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How to paint aluminum frames

Bucket, cloth, water
all-purpose cleaner
Sandpaper grit 180 and 240
wire brush
alkyd paint

Remove any rust with a wire brush
Sanding with grit 180
Dust-free and wet wipe
Apply multiprimer with a brush
Sand with 240 grit, remove dust and wet wipe
Apply lacquer paint
Lightly sand, remove dust, wet wipe and apply a second coat

If your aluminum frames are still beautiful, you don’t have to paint them. If they are somewhat damaged, or if they start to “rust” (oxidize), you can start painting the frames. There is of course another alternative and that is to replace these aluminum frames with wooden frames. However, this is an expensive matter and a major intervention. It can of course be a consideration.


The oxide layer is applied to aluminum frames to prevent rust. This is also called anodizing. This oxide layer is very wear-resistant and hard, so that these frames are resistant to many weather influences. The layer is therefore very thin and can be applied in different colors. Provided there is no damage, these frames can last for a long time!


Because the frames are provided with a layer of oxide, this requires a different pre-treatment than with wooden frames. First, you must degrease well. You use an all-purpose cleaner for this. Then sand the surface well, so that you really feel that it has been sanded! (with your hand over it). Then clean everything well and remove the last remnants of dust with a tack cloth. When you’re done with this, apply a primer over it. The difference in treatment of wooden frames and aluminum frames is that you have to use a special primer for this. If there is still wood next to the aluminum frames, you can continue working with the same primer. Then finish with a high gloss or silk gloss in alkyd. Remember to sand between coats with 240 grit sandpaper.

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