How to paint garden tiles & sidewalk tiles: concrete patio slabs

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 18, 2022
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Painting garden tiles

Why should you paint concrete garden tiles anyway? Either you don’t like them anymore because of wear, or you don’t like the color. Or they are outdated and out of date.

An alternative is to replace garden tiles with new ones. Since this is quite expensive, people often choose a cheaper solution: Paint the tiles in the garden!

How to paint garden tiles

There are several options for painting those tiles outside in your garden. These methods are discussed separately.
With all alternatives, the preliminary work is of course always important. The preliminary work is cleaning the garden tiles. This is best done with a pressure washer. Make sure that all deposits have been removed from the tiles and that the tiles are thoroughly dry before you start the treatment.

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Painting garden tiles with a primer

The easy way is to prime the old tiles. Think in advance which color you want and make this primer (here we reviewed the best choices) the same color. Apply at least two coats to properly color the tiles. Do this with paving stones that you do not walk over. This is for decoration only. To maintain a good result, you will have to repaint the tiles every year.

Decorate with concrete paint

A second alternative is that you use concrete paint. You do not need to apply a primer beforehand. When the tiles are clean and dry, you can apply this directly. This also applies here that you have to repeat this almost every year. The concrete paint wears out due to weather influences.

Make garden tiles beautiful with white road paint.

Do you have a terrace that you regularly walk on? Then white road paint is a great solution. It is an insulating paint that dries quickly. You can then finish this road paint with a topcoat or a wall paint for outside. Personally I would take a Pu lacquer. A PU lacquer is in fact very wear-resistant. With this finish your garden tiles will be smooth and attract less dirt. The follow-up treatment is then not so frequent.

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Finishing tiles in the garden with a coating

It’s a choice you make. Do you have a well-filled wallet? Then a two component coating is a good alternative. It can withstand weather influences and is wear-resistant. Choose this if you regularly use the terrace for a seat or a path to the garden. If you don’t want the methods described above, there is one last alternative: simply turn the garden tiles over and lay them again. Possibly combine with vowels around it, which can be a nice effect. So you see that there are a range of possibilities.

Tips for painting pavement tiles and garden tiles

When the paving in the garden has been in place for a few years, there is a good chance that you are tired of the color or that you are ready for something new. The first thing that is often thought of is to immediately switch to other paving or perhaps grass. You can also opt for a cheaper and less labour-intensive alternative; To paint! When you choose to paint your pavement, you don’t need an expensive road worker and you can give your garden a major metamorphosis in a few hours.

Make sure you prepare well

Before you want to paint garden tiles, paving stones or other paving, you must first clean them well. Usually a powerful pressure washer is sufficient for this. If your garden paving consists of special material, I refer you to the Schilderpret website. At Schilderpret you can find the right method for almost every painting job in the garden. The same goes for painting garden tiles.

Several alternatives

If you want to give your garden tiles a new look, there are a few options. Depending on the budget, a coating is often the best option. The coating is much more expensive than, for example, concrete paint or road paint (road white), because the coating is durable and very wear-resistant. If you use your terrace a lot, for example, it is of course the intention that it also remains beautiful. Then coating your garden tiles or paving is the best option. If your garden is only there for decoration and is not used intensively, then you can work well with concrete paint. However, you should keep in mind that with concrete paint a new layer must be applied after a few years to keep things nice. When you go for the cheapest option, weigh white. Then you will probably have to update it a few times a year. You can also flip your tiles.

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