How to paint over silicone sealant

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 17, 2022
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Can you paint silicone(-kit)?

Yes, silicone sealant can be painted over if you use the right method.
Is it not an option to remove the sealant, but do you want to have everything the right colour? Then I have good news! With this anti-silicone liquid you can now simply paint silicone sealant!

How to paint silicone sealant

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Painting silicone(-kit)

Because silicone is greasy, you cannot paint silicone, and therefore also silicone sealant, with a good result. When you paint silicone in the normal way you will see that you get so-called “fish eyes”. You also get this in paintwork, for example, when you have not degreased properly before sanding and painting.

To be able to paint silicone, you can put an anti-silicone liquid through the paint. With the right dosage (7 drops per 100ml of paint) you will be able to paint silicone sealant effortlessly with a tight result!

Video about anti-silicone liquid

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