How to paint skirting boards: pre-paint the baseboard assembly

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Painting skirting boards

Painting skirting boards with which wood and painting skirting boards in different ways.

I always enjoy painting skirting boards.

How to paint a skirting board

This is usually the last act of a room and thus that space is completed.

You can of course paint already painted baseboards.

Or paint new skirting boards in a new house.

For both there is a sequence of work that you must adhere to.

You can then choose new skirting boards.

By this I mean what kind of wood you can use.

Pine wood or MDF is often used for this. The choice is yours.

Painting skirting boards already mounted

When the skirting boards have already been mounted and previously painted, you only need to perform a few actions to make them look nice again.

The first thing to do is vacuum up any dust.

Then you will degrease the baseboards.

There are many products on the market for this.

I myself use B-clean.

This product does not require rinsing and it does not foam.

But also with St. Marcs can be degreased well.

You can just buy it at the regular hardware store.

After this you will sand the skirting boards with sandpaper of 180 grit or higher.

Then remove all scouring and dust with the vacuum cleaner.

Now you are ready to paint.

Now you take a painter’s tape to tape the skirting boards.

For painting use an acrylic paint.

When you are finished painting, remove the tape immediately.

Painting skirting boards with spruce wood, the preparation

When painting skirting boards with spruce wood that have not yet been mounted, you can already do preparatory work.

You must also degrease with new wood.

There is only 1 rule that you should always degrease.

Then lightly sand and dust.

If necessary, place the skirting boards on a table.

This is easier and relieves your back.

Then you apply a primer twice.

Don’t forget to sand between coats.

Use an acrylic primer for this.

Painting with spruce wood, the assembly

When the base layer has hardened, you can mount the skirting boards on the wall.

To fix the skirting boards, use M6 nail plugs.

After these skirting boards are in place, you can paint the skirting boards.

First, close the holes with a putty.

Then sand the filler and make it dust-free.

Now apply two coats of primer to the sanded filler.

Finally, cover the skirting boards with tape.

To be on the safe side, take the vacuum cleaner and suck out all the dust and cuttings.

Now you can start painting.

When you are finished painting, remove the tape immediately.

Treat skirting boards and MDF

Treating skirting boards with MDF is slightly easier and faster.

If you like matte you don’t have to paint.

If you want a satin gloss or a different color, you will have to paint them.

There are different methods for mounting.

By this I mean that there are different materials to which you can click the skirting boards.

You don’t have to drill through the MDF.

If you want to paint the MDF skirting boards, you must first degrease the MDF, roughen it and apply a primer.

Use a multi-primer for this.

Read beforehand on the paint can whether it is also suitable for MDF.

It is better to ask about this to avoid difficulties.

When the multi-primer has cured, lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

Then remove dust and finish with an acrylic paint.

When the lacquer layer has cured, you can attach the MDF skirting boards.

The advantage of this is that you do not have to lie on your knees and masking is unnecessary.

Use a paint roller

Skirting boards   is best done with a brush and a paint roller.

After all, you have taped the floor and walls with tape.

Make sure to use tape that is wider than the side of the paint roller.

The top is done with a brush and the sides are rolled with a roller.

You will see that you can work quickly.

Which one of you can paint skirting boards yourself?

If so what are your experiences?

Let me know by writing a comment below this article.

Thanks in advance.

Pete deVries.

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