How to paint stone strips

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 20, 2022
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Painting stone strips, you have to paint brick slips according to a procedure and painting with brick slips creates a different look.

I remember from before.

How to paint stone strips

I don’t really want to use the word formerly anymore, it sounds like so long ago.

I was still a child and was told to get up early the next day.

Someone came to build a wall.

That’s how we understood it.

After a quick breakfast we had to go straight to school.

At noon we always went home to have lunch.

To my surprise I saw that the wall was already there.

I never immediately understood that this could be done so quickly.

Only later did I understand that these were brick slips.

You actually want to paint brick slips because you no longer like it.

Sticking brick slips is no longer of this time.

Yes, before.

Then it looked like you had a masonry wall in your room.

That would seem expensive and exclusive.

Sticking brick slips is not that difficult in itself.

Nowadays you have complete plates that you can put against a wall.

You now have several types from large to small.

Anyway, nowadays we often want something different and that’s why we want to paint brick slips.

In the following paragraphs I explain how to do that and what you should pay attention to.

Painting stone strips and the preparation

Painting brick slips starts with good preparation, as with all objects that you are going to paint.

First, you need to purchase material and know what color you want on those brick slips.

Do not forget that you will always see the structure of the brick slips.

So you will always see the ridges and joints.

The first thing to do is clear the wall.

Then put some on the floor to catch any splashes.

Use a stucco runner for this.

A stucco runner is a thin cardboard that is on a roll and no paint or other materials penetrate the cardboard.

Then you take a bucket with water and pour a cleaning agent   into it.

Please inquire in advance which cleaning agent is suitable for this.

Do not use a detergent that foams a lot.

You then have to rinse several times with water.

At the bottom of this paragraph I give you more information about which cleaning agent is best to use.

Grab a scrubber and clean the entire wall down to the pores.

You have to be sure that you have been in every nook and cranny.

This will benefit your bonding later on.

Painting stone strips and the implementation

You usually paint stone strips with a latex paint.

Buy a good covering latex for this because you have to sauce several times.

First take painter’s tape and cover all baseboards and frames with it.

This gives you clean lines in relation to the ceiling and any window frames.

Also tape the ceiling and the walls adjacent to the brick slips.

First read the article about painters tape how to tape.

Painter’s tape has different colors for every surface.

It is important how you are going to cover everything properly with a tape.

That is why I recommend that you first read the article about painters tape below.

Read the article about painters tape here.

Before you start sauce, you must first treat the wall.

Use a fixer for this.

This is also called a primer latex.

This ensures that the latex adheres well to the wall and removes the suction effect.

Would you like more information about primer? Then click here.

When the fixer is dry you can start sauce the first layer.

How to do this exactly, read the article about painting walls without stripes.

You should always assume that you need to apply two coats of latex.

Because this is a bare wall, it does not cover in 1 go.

Whichever latex you take, you should always apply two coats of latex.

In some cases even three times.

This depends on the color.

By the way, I have a nice offer for you in my own paint shop.

Click here if you want to buy latex with a discount.

A wall of brick slips   and a summary of what to look out for.
purchase material
free up space
cleaning the wall with detergent.
Stone strips painting and execution:
primer latex
apply the first layer of sauce: see article painting wall without stripes
apply second or third layer of latex depending on color

Good luck!


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