How to paint wicker chairs for a great effect + video

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 22, 2022
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How to paint wicker chairs

Vacuum cleaner
stirring stick
all-purpose cleaner
flat brush
Patent brush no. 6
chalk paint
Primer spray can
Paint acrylic matt aerosol
Aerosol paint
Suck away all the dust between the reeds
Pour into a bucket of water
Add 1 cap of all-purpose cleaner
Stir the mixture
Wet the cloth, go and clean the reed
Let it dry well
Mix chalk paint with 1 third of water and stir well
Take a patent brush and paint the wicker chairs
Alternative after drying: aerosol primer, aerosol lacquer paint

Reeds can be painted in two ways. You can apply a White wash or gray wash with a brush. The second method is to spray the reed with a spray can of paint, but then an acrylic-based paint. Both options give a nice result.


You will work as a result of painting wicker chairs with a White wash paint. First, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of the seams and crevices. Then you take an all-purpose cleaner and go clean the chair. To do this, take a flower sprayer and mix water with a cap of all-purpose cleaner. You get into the seams better that way. Then clean with a cloth between the reed and on the reed. Place the chair in a room of 21 degrees and then continue the treatment when it is completely dry. Take chalk paint (here’s how to use it) and mix it with a third of water and stir it well. Now you can paint the chair with your patent brush. If you find that 1 layer is not enough after drying, you can apply a second or third layer.


A second way is that you paint the seats with aerosol paint. First vacuum the chairs well so that the dust is completely removed. Then take a flower sprayer and fill it with water and some all-purpose cleaner. Use an all-purpose cleaner that is biodegradable so that the reed is not affected. You can buy the products online: Universol or B-clean. When the chair has dried thoroughly in a room of about 21 degrees, start with a water-based spray paint primer. Do not spray on the same spot for too long. This prevents runners. When the primer has dried and cured, use a satin or matte spray paint. Spread the paint regularly on the rattan chairs. If 1 layer is not enough, you can apply a second. If you use the chairs outside, apply another layer of aerosol clear coat.

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