How to paint with gold paint (like a boss)

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Paint with gold paint

Paint something gold? Gold is reminiscent of luxury. You can combine it great with various colors. (Color range) Gold goes especially well with red.

You often see buildings whose stone is red, which makes this a unique combination. As a painter, I have already painted several times with gold paint. I must admit that the first time was quite difficult.

How to paint with gold paint

If you have made a good preparation and you are going to paint with the color gold afterwards, you have to make sure that you do not iron after. You will then get deposits and it will not dry well. So apply and spread the paint evenly on the surface and then do not touch it again. That’s the secret of painting gold.

Finish with a ready-made gold paint.

Of course you no longer have to mix yourself to get a gold color. There are many paint brands that have a ready-made gold paint. The Jansen brand already has a gold lacquer for only € 11.62 for 0.125 liters. Usually you only want to paint a picture frame in the color gold and then this paint is ideal because you can buy it in small quantities. After that the quantities become respectively: 0.375, 0.75 3n 2.5 liters. This gold lacquer can be used both indoors and outdoors. Which is also a possibility that you apply the paint with a spray can. You then come into all corners, where you normally have a bad time. You can also get irregular surfaces nicely even with a spray can.

You also get gold colors with caparol.

Caparol has launched a new product on the market. Capadecor Capagold is a gold paint that you can use for both indoor and outdoor use. This paint is very weather resistant and is exactly the color gold. Before you start painting, you must first degrease the surface well with an all-purpose cleaner. Then sand lightly and remove dust and then apply a primer. It is therefore best to start with caparol. The primer that Caparol uses for this is called Capadecor Goldgrund. A water-repellent silicone resin, which is very suitable for outdoor use. Beforehand, you should first ask yourself which objects you want to have in the color. Don’t make it too furry. The color should not dominate. I would really advise against a whole wall. What does look beautiful is a frame of a mirror or painting. What I myself have done with clients is that you make the undersides of a wall a gold color. Then don’t go higher than 25 centimeters. The condition is that you must have a large room. During this writing I became really curious if you also have experiences with the color gold. Would you like to respond? I would really like it! Let me know by posting a comment below this article so that we can share this with more people. Thanks in advance.

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