What Is a Band Saw Used For & how to safely use it

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  October 18, 2022
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A band saw is a powerful tool that consists of a long blade made with a band of toothed metal. There are various types of band saws that come with two or three wheels to run the blade.


So, what is a band saw used for? The applications of band saw are endless. It is used in almost every industry that we know of; it is used for cutting wood, meat, metal, plastic, and many other materials that need to be cut with precision. In this article, you can get to know more about band saws and their applications.

Purpose of a Band Saw

Band saws are commonly used in wood, metal, and plastic industries. It is also used in the farming industry for cutting meat. There are various types of band saws that can be classified into several categories, such as residential types, light, and heavy industrial types.

Before we speak about the types of band saws available, we should know in brief about their purposes.


Band saws are the most important piece of equipment for woodworking (like these as well). It is used in various applications such as artistic works, to cut curves and edges with precision, and for cutting timber.

Band saws are particularly loved by woodworkers because they can use them to fine cut irregular designs, which cannot be done by other types of saws. Since the models used for woodworking are fixed to a base, users can orient wood in any direction to cut, which makes the entire process of finishing a product easier.


In metalworking, the applications of band saws are vast. It may be used for large-scale purposes such as shipbuilding and construction materials or very intricate purposes such as jewelry and engine parts. Therefore, band saws are extremely useful for metalwork that requires a lot of attention to detail.

It is particularly useful in this field as the blades of metal cutting band saws are very sharp, which helps the user to cut metal accurately without much hassle. Similar to the band saws used in woodworking, the band saws used for metalworking are fixed to a base as well.

Lumber Cutting

The most common purpose of a band saw is to cut lumber. It is highly favored as it is efficient for cutting lumber in great capacities. Furthermore, band saws used for this purpose can cut through wood at a deeper depth than other kinds of saws.


The word may be misleading; re-sawing means to cut a sheet of wood to create a thinner board with the desired thickness. This task is extremely difficult to do without the help of a band saw. It is useful in this case as large pieces of wood can be re-sawed with ease.

How to Use a Bandsaw? (Bandsaw Tips)

Certain features are shared between all types of band saws. Before using a band saw, there are some key points that you should be aware of.

Band Saw Maintenance

The blade of a band saw is a very important part. It is crucial to maintain them properly as they can break or bend with wear and tear. Depending on the material to be cut, blades come in various designs and types. The TPI (teeth per inch) of a blade determines the speed of the blade and how smooth the cut is.

It is also necessary to lubricate the mechanical parts of a band saw to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

Variable Blade Speed

The speed of a band saw is determined by the FPM (feet per minute) of its motor. The power rating of these motors is generally measured in amps, and most models come with up to 10 amps. There are higher-rated motors available depending on the purpose of the saw. As a general rule, a higher amp means higher FPM.

Some models come with variable speed triggers, which enable the user to control the speed of the blade as required for the job at hand.


Band saws can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Proper safety rules should be used at all times when using a band saw, such as protective glass and eyewear.

With additional accessories, some band saws come with safety guards that prevent a potential accident from happening.


So, what is a band saw used for? Band saws are often used as an alternative to other types of saws because of the cuts that can be achieved with them. What truly differentiates the band saw is its versatility; it can cut through wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Now that you know about band saws and their uses, it is up to you to decide which type best suits your needs. On a side note, owning a band saw for personal use can save you lots of money if you have the time and energy to create something for yourself!

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