How to use car shampoo as a degreaser for wood

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 21, 2022
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car shampoo not only for cars, but you also know how to use car shampoo as a degreaser for your woodwork.

I wanted to give you a tip here.
Since I often visit people to paint their houses outside, I also meet many people such as a neighbor of a customer of mine.

How to use car shampoo as a degreaser

I was busy painting and we started talking.

He was cleaning his car at the time.

Then he went to clean the car.

I gave him a thumbs up to which he thanked me.

Then he asked me what I used to degrease my woodwork.

I mentioned that I use an all-purpose cleaner such as B-clean.

I explained why I use this.

Because of the environmental aspect and that I don’t have to rinse.

He told me that he also uses his car shampoo to degrease his woodwork.

I immediately looked at his painting and indeed it was sparkling clean and I saw a beautiful shine.

I got curious and asked how long he’s been using that shampoo and what brand it was he used for this.

He told me that he had tried several brands of car shampoo, but this product he now had is great.

He went twice a year to thoroughly degrease everything with the shampoo wash and shine.

I thanked him for the tip and immediately bought it and tried it out.

Wash and shine car shampoo gives a shiny result
car shampoo

I have now purchased this shampoo from wash and shine and I use it as a degreaser next to my B-clean.

I am someone who always wants to test everything myself first.

I use the shampoo   for cars to clean the woodwork and B-clean as a degreaser for the paintwork.

I’ve already gotten some positive responses:

“It shines much better now”.

Or: “Oh how long it stays clean”.

This is of course nice to hear.

Wash and shine has been around for thirty years on the Dutch market.

Another advantage comes into play here.

I didn’t see any streaks after washing a few times.

So also a streak-free result.

I further investigated the product and it turns out that the shampoo is also anti-rust.

In addition, your paint layer is not affected.

I have tried it with and without rinsing.

I saw no difference here.

This shampoo provides protection for, among other things, litter, bird droppings (acids) and flies.

I’m glad I tested it and can recommend it to you.

You don’t have to worry about the price.

A one liter bottle costs only € 6.95.

I am now very curious who has also cleaned his paintwork with a car shampoo.

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