Oil vs wax vs lacquer for your wooden floorboards

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 19, 2022
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Pine floorboards are a beautiful floor finish and pine floorboards can also be painted.

Pine floorboards always feel warm in your room. You can basically install it yourself if you’re a bit handy. Then the question is always how you want to finish the pine floorboards. Choose a wax, oil or varnish. This is always personal.

Oil vs wax vs lacquer for your wooden floorboards

There is daily walking on a floor. Whatever product you choose, a lacquer, wax or oil, never skimp on it. If you were to use cheap paint and it starts to show scratches after a few months, this is a waste of money and a wrong cut.

There are many options for finishing pine floorboards. One is finishing with a white wash paint. Keep in mind that after this you have to coat with a boat. So to sum up: you can leave it in its original color and finish it with an oil or wax or you can paint the wooden floor.

Painting pine floorboards with a urethane paint

If you want to paint the pine floorboards, you have to choose the right paint with care. This paint should have a high wear resistance. After all, people live intensely on a wooden floor. That is why you should choose a urethane paint. This paint has these properties. The paint has a very high wear resistance and becomes even harder than an ordinary alkyd paint. You will not soon see scratches after that.

You should also use exactly the same paint when painting a staircase or painting a table. To paint these floorboards, you first degrease, then sand. The next step is to make everything dust-free and then apply a well-filling primer. Then apply at least 2 coats of lacquer.

Don’t forget to sand lightly between coats and let the coats harden well before applying a new one. I would opt for a light color as this will increase your space.

Have any of you ever painted pine floorboards?

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