Latex paint: near to acrylic paint but not the same

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 11, 2022
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Latex paint is a type of paint made from a synthetic polymer called latex. Latex paints are water-based paints, meaning that they are designed to be used with water as the primary medium. Latex paints are commonly used for painting walls and ceilings, as well as for other indoor applications.

What is latex paint

What is opaque latex paint?

Opaque latex paint is a type of paint that is not transparent and does not allow light to pass through it. It is often used for painting walls and ceilings.

Is latex paint the same as acrylic paint?

No, latex paint and acrylic paint are not the same. Latex paint is water-based, but acrylic paint is chemical-based, which makes it more elastic than latex paint.

Latex paint with different properties

Latex paint
Latex paint for whitening and sauces

Latex paint can be diluted with water and latex paint is solvent-free and prevents fungi and bacteria.

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I assume everyone has heard of latex paint.

Or also popularly called sauce.

People talk more about whites or sauces than latexes.

In itself, sauces are not that difficult to do yourself.

It is a matter of trying and following a certain procedure.

My experience is that a do-it-yourselfer can carry out the sauce work himself at home.

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Latex paint what is it actually

Latex paint is also called an emulsion paint.

It is a paint that you can dilute with water and is completely free of solvents.

That is, it contains little or no volatile organic solvents.

Latex   is often used indoors and is easy to apply with a roller and a brush.

Latex contains preservatives that have the function of preventing mold and bacterial growth.

Latex can be used for walls and ceilings.

Latex can be applied to almost all materials if properly prepared.

By this I mean that a binder has been applied to the substrate beforehand.

For example, on a wall that you have applied a primer latex.

Latex is also extremely suitable for rough surfaces.

Latex   you can clean

Latex has good properties and advantages.

Firstly, it has the function that you can give a ceiling or wall a nice embellishment.

It is often necessary to apply several layers.

Latex is a wall paint.

There are several wall paints such as smudge-proof paint, vinyl latex, acrylic latex, synthetic wall paint.

Latex  is good price-wise.

It is also easy to work with.

A great feature is that you can clean it with soap and water if it is stained.

Even more benefits

Latex paint is a paint that regulates moisture.

In other words, this paint can breathe.

This means that the paint does not completely seal the wall or ceiling and that some water vapor can pass through.

Fungi and bacteria have no chance to develop.

If there are, this means that there is not good ventilation in this room.

This has to do with the humidity in the house.

Read the article about humidity in the house here.

It is not a powdered paint which means you can paint over it later.

Latex wall paint, a wall paint from Ralston

Ralston colors & coatings comes with a completely new wall paint: Wall paint Ralston Biobased Interior.

This latex paint or wall paint is made from recycled raw materials.

The new raw materials come from potatoes.

And especially the binder.

Another advantage is that fewer raw materials are used per ten liters of latex paint, which is good for the environment.

Ralston has thought further.

The paint in the buckets is recycled and can therefore also be reused.

As a result, you get less waste and therefore less harmful to the environment.

Ralston wall paint has even more advantages

The wall paint from Ralston has even more advantages.

This latex paint has a very good coverage.

You only need 1 coat of paint on a wall or ceiling, which is a big saving.

Ralston wall paint is completely odorless and solvent-free!

Good scrub resistance is also an advantage of this latex.

A latex that comes close is the Alphatex from sikkens.

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